Ancient history

The inventors of the breeches

Magnificent fabrics and extensive use of colors ( yellow, brown, ocher and blue ) distinguished the clothing of the Persians .
The luxurious robes used during the ceremonies recall the great tradition of the Babylonian tailors , but it was in everyday clothing than the Persians they expressed their personal creativity.
Being a people that came from the mountains and rode continuously , had learned to make very tight leather garments and had become very skilled at making them soft through tanning and in cutting and sewing them perfectly following the shape of the body.
When they had the opportunity to handle the light fabrics of the Mesopotamian tradition, they did nothing but adapt their traditional models to them inventing trousers and jackets with sleeves .
Transforming the Sumerian mantle , spread throughout the Near East the caftan , a shirt heavy ankle-length, which they often wore letting the sleeves hang without putting their arms in.
Also typically Persian are closed leather shoes with a raised toe, high anklet and laces, as well as a low beret of felt.
These accessories also denounce the distant nomadic origins of this people, forced for centuries to walk on steep and difficult terrain or among the trees of the woods, where sandals did not protect their feet and high hats would have been a hindrance .