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The Aegean Civilization

It is called Aegean Civilization to the group of pre-Hellenic civilizations that developed in protohistory around the Aegean Sea.

Origin of the Aegean Civilization

From the fourth millennium B.C. the civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia had emerged with an amazing cultural development. They constituted Duly organized States , knew the use of metals and had invented writing systems, thus surpassing the life of the Neolithic era.
The cultural manifestations of both civilizations spread throughout the regions of the Near East, from where they later spread to the Aegean Islands and the Greek peninsula. In these regions of the European continent, the culture of these Eastern peoples exerted a great influence, contributing to the flourishing of the oldest civilization in Europe, which is called Aegean Civilization , for having developed in the geographical area of ​​the coasts and islands of the Aegean Sea, between 3,000 and 1,200 BC

Periods of its evolution

Thanks to the findings of two great archaeologists:the German Heinrich Schliemann and the English Sir Arthur Evans, it was possible to discover the Aegean Civilization .
The evolution of this civilization can be distinguished in two periods:
Cretan Period or of the civilizations called Minoan.
Period of Mycenae, Tiryns and Troy or of the civilization called Mycenaean.
This civilization is subdivided into two stages. If you want to know more you can enter the Cretan or Minoan Period and the Mycenaean Period.

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