Historical story

War without winners. Are we still in danger of a nuclear conflict?

August 6, 1945 at 8.15 a.m., Hiroshima. Against the background of the sky, a single plane drops a bomb. 43 seconds later, the city and its inhabitants evaporate, disappearing from the face of the earth. This is how a new era begins in the history of the world. Time of the atom. It's just that there are no winners in a nuclear war ...

Humanity is given a weapon that is capable of annihilating the planet. The world is falling apart. The arms race begins. Scientists are committed to figuring out the secrets of nature. Obedient military personnel scrupulously plan possible maneuvers, and politicians struggle to make decisions the consequences of which may turn out to be unacceptable. Patriotic citizens accept that their country needs the ultimate defense. Nobody is listening to the protesters.

The world that Rodric Braithwaite presents in Armageddon and Paranoia. Cold War - Nuclear Confrontation ”, fascinates and terrifies. There are numerous villains in this story - and they are on either side of the Iron Curtain. This is a dark time of paranoid fear of nuclear catastrophe.

Read about the dark days of the Cold War in Rodrick Braithwaite's book Armageddon and Paranoia. Cold War - Nuclear Confrontation ” , which was released by the Znak Horyzont publishing house.

Both Truman and Trump, both Khrushchev and Putin - the thought of the power at hand terrified and terrified everyone. It hasn't changed for years. We have weapons that are too powerful to be used. It would destroy our civilization in seconds. All it takes is a misappraisal of the situation, a terrorist attack or… pure coincidence.

The topic requires new analysis, and Braithwaite's book "Armageddon and the Paranoia" is a valuable starting point ...