Archaeological discoveries

Thung Setthi Fort


General Condition

Thung Setthi Fort is a large abandoned ancient site. It is located outside the ancient city of Nakhon Chum on the south side. within the current Nakhon Chum Subdistrict Municipality The surrounding area is a plain field. The north side of the fort is adjacent to National Highway 101, approximately 1.4 kilometers west of the Ping River.

Height above mean sea level

81 meters


Ping River, Suan Mak Canal

Geological conditions

The Ping River Basin is deposited with sediments, gravel, sand, silt and clay. There is a canal that flows from the western mountains into the Ping River.

Archaeological Era

historical era


Ayutthaya period, Middle Ayutthaya period

Archaeological age

21st - 22nd Buddhist Century

Types of archaeological sites

camp fort

archaeological essence

Thung Setthi Fort, located outside the city of Nakhon Chum on the south side. The surrounding area is a plain field. The shape of the fort is a square shape made of laterite, each side 84 meters long. The north side was demolished along the line. Each side has an access door in the center.

Outside was a high wall, and inside was a parapet. The upper part is formed into the shape of a sema leaf. Under every parapet, there is a slot that may be used as a gun compartment. In the four corners of the wall were rectangular fortresses jutting out. In the lower part of the wall there is a spigot made of curved spiers. There were no traces of other structures within the fort area. Thung Setthi Fort was probably built in the Middle Ayutthaya period and is a fort style influenced by Europe (Department of Fine Arts 2009 :43).

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