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  • Henry IV of Bourbon, called the Great:the King who smelled ... of Garlic!

    Assassination of Henry IV of Bourbon in a painting Henry IV of Bourbon , called the Great (1553-1610), was the first king of France of the Bourbon dynasty. There was much talk of him in 2008, when following the investigation of two journalists, a mummified skull was found which was believe

  • Welcome Cellini, Syphilis and a Done Poisoning ... Well

    A portrait of Benvenuto Cellini A strange and curious thread links together Benvenuto Cellini, syphilis and a clumsy attempt to poison the artist. Destiny is sometimes decidedly bizarre and the following anecdote is proof of this. The great Florentine goldsmith and sculptor in 1529 fell il

  • Taster, Sixteenth Century Method to Escape the Poison

    Poison was one of the most used weapons in the Renaissance to get rid of enemies In the 500 , in all European courts, the fashion of the taster spread, an expedient that was to serve to escape any attempts at poisoning. We know how successful poison was in the Renaissance, used as a weap

  • Puzzles:Was Leonardo Da Vinci really an Expert?

    Vitruvian Man Really Leonardo Da Vinci he was an expert in puzzles ? Thats right:among the thousand passions of the greatest genius of the Renaissance there were also puzzle games. Leonardo enjoyed inventing riddles, charades, puzzles, games of various kinds and, above all, he was except

  • Cologne water:a marvelous eighteenth-century “Medicine”

    In the 1700s, Cologne water was used by nobles as a remedy for headaches and indigestion The origins of Cologne date back to the early 18th century. The success and fortune of this delicate fragrance continue to this day. At the time, in the shining court of Versailles in particular, it wa

  • Death of Raphael:Was the Great Painter Poisoned with Arsenic?

    Raphaels death in a painting Of the death of Raffaello Sanzio , the great Italian painter, I have already spoken in this post: According to Giorgio Vasari , he perished from excesses of love , a

  • Dairy Products:Cheeses in the Renaissance Diet

    Cheeses and other dairy products on a table set a few centuries ago In the Renaissance, in reference to diet, there was a boom of cheeses and dairy products generally. The trend compared to the Middle Ages it changed completely. In fact, at that time, cheese was considered a food for

  • Gioconda:that's why it's right that she is in France

    Leonardos Mona Lisa Although many are convinced that Leonardos Mona Lisa has been stolen from Italy, in reality it is legitimately from France. The confusion arises from the fact that Napoleons soldiers actually plundered our country (and beyond) of many works of art, only partially returned a

  • Potato:when and how did it arrive on the European tables?

    In the left panel portrait of Antoine Parmentier The potato belongs to the large group of foods that arrived in Europe after the discovery of America. But when, precisely, did it reach the tables of the Old Continent? Late in reality, only in full 1700s , although its official entry had al

  • Table napkins:when and why were they invented?

    Table set The napkins they first appeared on the tables during the 1500s. The purpose, which seems obvious to us, was to give the diners a piece of cloth to clean their mouth and hands. At this point a question arises:how was it done before their invention? Simple:tablecloths, clothes

  • Ludovico il Moro:after 5 Centuries the Body Found in France?

    Portrait of Ludovico, Duke of Milan They could be from Ludovico il Moro the remains found in the collegiate church of Sant’Orso in Loches, in France central. The former lord of Milan he died in this town in 1508 as a prisoner of King Louis XII. During the restoration work carried o

  • Bowls Filled with Water on the Renaissance Tables:What were they for?

    Some typical furnishings of a Renaissance banquet. There were also bowls for washing hands If you have ever seen paintings depicting the large and typical Renaissance banquets , you have certainly noticed the presence of bowls. Not dishes, but just bowls filled with water. Well, have you

  • Sugar:Obsession of Italian Renaissance Cuisine

    Food in Renaissance cuisine The sugar it was for Italian Renaissance cuisine a real obsession. In practice, it was added to any dish. From appetizers to desserts, passing through the first courses, second courses and side dishes, there was no dish that did not include an abundant sprinkl

  • Second Courses:What Were Your Favorites in the Renaissance?

    Renaissance meal. Second courses were almost always meat based What were the main courses most frequent and loved in the Renaissance ? This era was characterized by profound changes that also affected the culinary field. Renaissance gastronomy was varied and innovative, very different from

  • Chestnut Ball:was it really a Red Light Event?

    Part of the cast of the TV series I Borgia What really consisted of what went down in history as the chestnut dance ? Was it really an event halfway between satanic and pornographic that even involved a pope? It is not known exactly. According to the testimony of the German master of cer

  • Did Michelangelo and Leonardo not bear each other?

    Portraits of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti They were two absolute geniuses of our Renaissance, but it seems that between Michelangelo and Leonardo did not correct good blood ( see also Ac

  • Isabella of Aragon and Leonardo da Vinci Were Lovers?

    Isabella of Aragon Isabella d’Aragona and Leonardo da Vinci were they lovers? According to the German scholar Maike Vogt-Luerseen , yes. In reality, the historian goes much further, stating that the Tuscan genius and the Duchess of Milan married in secret and had five children. Two

  • Lady with an Ermine:the Secret in Leonardo's Painting

    Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo (details) Leonardo da Vinci she loved to embed images and words in his paintings, giving life to intricate rebus still largely mysterious today:the Lady with an Ermine is no exception ( see:

  • Michelangelo Buonarroti and Lorenzo the Magnificent:an Anecdote

    The very young Michelangelo sculpted the head of a faun How did Michelangelo know each other and Lorenzo the Magnificent ? A anecdote has been circulating about this for centuries. It is said that the great patron was walking through the green of the gardens of San Marco when he, deeply

  • Childhood of Lucrezia Borgia:where and how did the Pope's daughter grow up?

    Lucrezia Borgia in the TV series I Borgia. Lucrezia Borgias childhood was, as far as we know, rather peaceful How was the childhood of Lucrezia Borgia , one of the most talked about (and slandered?) women in history? This beautiful blonde girl destined to wreak havoc in the sacred palaces of t

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