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  • A Matter of Opinions. A Nice Anecdote about the Palace of Versailles

    Palace of Versailles:view of the gardens The palace of Versailles, as is known, it was wanted and built by Louis XIV so that it was a visible and tangible testimony of ones power absolute. Usually the guests, with some rare exceptions (

  • Celibacy Tax:Hard Life for Bachelors in the Fascist Era

    Text of the tax on celibacy (1927) The celibacy tax it was certainly one of the most unique of the fascist era. In fact, it ended up making life harder for hardened bachelors in Italy in the 1930s , especially for those aged between 25 and 65. In fact, in order to increase marriages and

  • Writer James Joyce's Incredible Series of Ailments

    Irish writer James Joyce The Irish James Joyce (1882-1941) is one of the greatest writers Europeans who lived between the 19th and 20th centuries. He is the author, among others, of the famous novel Ulysses and the story People of Dublin , an intellectual and artist of indisputable t

  • Giusquiamo, a Widespread and Toxic Sedative of the Past

    Giusquiamo, ragwort used as a sedative until the early 1900s The use of sedatives, more or less effective, to calm psychotic crises , has been known since ancient times. Among the most widely used we find the henbane. It is a herb which, in the past, was widely used to calm the manic del

  • Metternich and the Origin of the Sacher Cake

    Sacher cake Strange as it may seem, among the powerful Austrian chancellor Klemens von Metternich (1773-1859) and the very good Sacher cake , flagship of the gastronomy of her country, there is a very close bond. The politician, in fact, famous for being one of the major architects of the C

  • Silk for Princess Sissi's Beautiful Ringlets

    Sissi slept on a pillow with a silk cover Elisabeth of Bavaria , the unforgettable Sissi , she was justifiably proud of the splendor of her hair of her, which we can still admire today in the portraits of her that have come down to us. But you know what the secret was (one of many at lea

  • "Dangerous" Women's Fashion:Cloaks, Skirts and Diseases

    Nineteenth-century womens fashion. The skirts were long Generally speaking, nineteenth-century womens fashion it was quite elegant and refined, with a sobriety full of class and charm that we can still see today in paintings, postcards and engravings of the time, but not all that glitters is gol

  • Isadora Duncan Killed by the Scarf

    The dancer Isadora Duncan The American Isadora Duncan (1877-1927) was the greatest and most famous dancer from the early 1900s. Extraordinary talent, the unfortunate artist is also remembered for her absurd death. It was a scarf. that killed her The unthinkable happened instead on t

  • How was cocoa collected in ancient times?

    16th century engraving showing how cocoa was harvested in antiquity You know how cocoa was harvested in ancient times ? The operation was anything but easy and effortless, but essential to obtain a precious food, destined to spread all over the world. The cocoa, originally from the Amazon,

  • History of Gelato:Goethe Conquered by the Neapolitan Sorbet

    The history of ice cream is the story of one of the greatest gastronomic successes of all time The history of ice cream it is quite long and complex. Do you know where this specialty spread widely and found wide acclaim from the public? In Naples, of course. After all, as is known, gastr

  • Chef's hat:who invented it?

    Typical chefs hat Have you ever wondered who invented the chef hat ? Yes, the tall, rounded one we know today. Well, most historians believe that the modern chefs uniform is due to Marie-Antoine Careme , one of the greatest chefs from the early 1800s ( see also :https://www.pilloledi

  • Giacomo Casanova in Venice:the most significant places

    Portrait of Giacomo Casanova You would like to go in the footsteps of Giacomo Casanova in Venice ? If you are planning a tour of the lagoon city and you want to know the most significant places regarding one of the greatest woman wasting in history, read the article that a reader sent to

  • James I of England Mocked for his homosexuality

    Portrait of James I of England James I of England, son of the unfortunate Maria Stuarda and Lord Darnley , is considered one of the most educated and enlightened rulers in British history. Successor of Elizabeth I, became king on 25 July 1603 in Westminster Abbey. Brilliant and eclecti

  • "New" Renaissance Food Habits:Favorite Vegetables and Fruits

    The discovery of America (1492) forever changed the eating habits of Europeans. The “Turkish” pumpkin was among the vegetables that met the most favor of the people The discovery of America in 1492 , among other things, it forever changed the eating habits of Europeans. After the feat acco

  • Renaissance Pastry:the Most Popular Sweets and News

    Sumptuous and varied Renaissance patisserie What characteristics did the Renaissance pastry shop have? If in the Middle Ages this art had remained almost confined within the walls of the monasteries, starting from the 1500s it made a comeback and also spread among the population. The discov

  • Antonio Latini:the Chef who Decreed the Success of Tomatoes on the Table

    The beginning of the success of tomatoes at the table it is due to the chef from the Marches but transplanted to Naples Antonio Latini, lived in the 1600s. If it is true that the tomato, declined in a myriad of recipes and variations, is one of the typical foods of our gastronomy, it is equall

  • Medicinal Wines:in the 15th Century it was also treated like this

    A man drinks one of the medicinal wines so popular in past centuries In past centuries, when medical knowledge was practically scarce or nil, we treated ourselves with what we had available and, among the common drugs, there were also the so-called medicinal wines. The wine it was always the

  • Tax on Wigs:the End of an Era and a Fashion

    Showy eighteenth-century wigs. The tax on wigs was the end of this popular fashion in the 18th century Have you ever heard of the wig tax ? Well, the rulers have also invented this to make money. The idea came to the British Prime Minister William Pitt, than in 1795 put a heavy tax on th

  • Tax on the Hat:one of the Weirdest Taxes in History

    Mens and womens fashion in the 19th century. From 1784 to 1811, the hat tax was in effect in England Among the strangest taxes in history, we can certainly also include the hat tax. Thats right:for a while, men who wanted to complete their look with a top hat, cap or flat cap, they had to pa

  • Table knives:how they changed from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance

    Bronze Renaissance table knife Even the table knives they underwent substantial changes from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, in line with the general changes that occurred from one era to another. We know that not only gastronomy understood as cooking and way of eating, but also habits at

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