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  • Modern Anesthesia:when was this Invention born and to whom?

    Anesthesia in the last century When can we say that modern anesthesia dates back? Although various methods, more or less appropriate, have been tried since ancient times to anesthetize patients before surgery, anesthesia similar to the one we know today, albeit with the due differences, was bo

  • Washing machine:when was it born?

    A washing machine from the 1800s In the image above you can see a nineteenth-century prototype of the current washing machines, basically a machine in wood that washed the laundry using a crank. The operating system of this rudimentary machine destined to revolutionize the daily life of fa

  • Sneakers:when were they invented?

    The first sneakers “for everyone”:Converses All Star Today we all wear them and we appreciate them for their great comfort, but in the 19th century, when they were invented, sneakers represented a small revolution in the field of footwear. The first sneakers were a consequence of the rubbe

  • 1800:the First Public Illumination

    Public lighting in the 19th century in Milan For centuries the streets at night have represented a serious danger to people, since the darkness not only favored accidents and falls, but also the bad guys, who with the darkness, were more pushed to kill and rob. The advent of electricity everyt

  • Light bulb:Revolutionary Invention

    Light bulb Even if to contend for the authorship of the light bulb Im the American Thomas Edison and the Italian Alessandro Cruto, it is certain that this small object, invented during the 19th century, revolutionized the daily life of people all over the world. After the discovery of ele

  • Klara Polzl, Hitler's Mother

    Klara Pozl, mother of Adolf Hitler From the childhood of Adolf Hitler very little is known, but it is certain the very strong bond that the future Fuhrer established from an early age with his mother, Klara Polzl. Unlike his father Alois in fact , severe, womanizer and frequent tavern-g

  • The Last Hours of Hitler and Eva Braun

    Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun The last dramatic and convulsive hours of Adolf Hitler s life and his longtime lover Eva Braun they have been reconstructed thanks to the testimonies of the survivors , those few who managed to escape unscathed from the bunker in which for months they had voluntar

  • Painting and History:The "Wedding Album" is born

    The famous painting by Pascal Dagnan-Dauveret The bride and groom at the photographer, which marks the birth of the wedding album The painting you see shown in photo, The bride and groom at the photographer, dated 1878 and the work of the French artist Pascal Dagnan-Bauveret , visually c

  • Lazio:why play with the White-Celeste Jersey?

    One of the first teams of Lazio Before becoming a football team, Lazio it was a “Company Podistica ” (1900) whose members wore a white and light blue uniform. The choice of colors was not due to chance, but to a very specific intention, namely that of paying homage to Greece, taking up

  • Juventus:when he played in tie

    The first Juventus team (1897-98), with a pink shirt and black tie It may seem strange, yet the Juventus jersey it has not always been in black and white stripes. In fact, when the football club was founded, back in 1897, the official uniform, the one with which the players took to the field,

  • Hitler the Immortal:all the Attacks against the Fuhrer

    Adolf Hitler in his study In the years that saw him in power Adolf Hitler escaped a large number of attacks, also well organized, but from which he always miraculously came out unscathed. I wrote the following article for the site. A close-up of the Fuhrer In the course of h

  • Face powder prohibited during the French Revolution

    A lady in the mirror. The use of face powder was banned during the French Revolution Each era has its own fashion. From this point of view, the French Revolution is remembered as a period in which trousers, short hair and also certain prohibitions, spread which to us may seem at least a li

  • Was the Musician Vincenzo Bellini Poisoned for Jealousy?

    Vincenzo Bellini The untimely death of the famous Italian composer Vincenzo Bellini, occurred on 23 September 1835, was attributed to an unspecified intestinal infection, but immediately rumors of her possible poisoning began to spread, more or less covertly. But who could have wished for

  • Anita Garibaldi in Comics

    Anita Garibaldi in Custòdio comics The comics they can be an excellent resource for bringing children and young people closer to understanding history. A Pills of History The announcement of the release of a comic book has arrived tomorrow, November 17th dedicated to Anita Garibaldi, on

  • Why do Roma have the Giallorossi jersey?

    The first formation of Roma (1927/1928). The team immediately had the yellow and red jersey The Rome is one of the Italian football clubs to have maintained, except for some sporadic and momentary changes, the same shirt from its foundation to today. Yellow and red they were in fact th

  • Was Rasputin really Evirato?

    Rasputins disturbing and enigmatic face Rasputin was really emasculated or this is just one of the many legends arose around the mysterious figure of him? Officially the gigantic genitals (33 centimeters long!) of the Siberian holy man who, in spite of himself, ended up giving the last a

  • Christmas tree:when does the beginning of this tradition go back?

    A beautiful vintage image that portrays happy children in front of the Christmas tree A plaque affixed to Riga, beautiful and ancient capital of Latvia, remember that the first Christmas tree was decorated here of History It was the distant 1510. The tree tradition then, it spread to

  • 11 January 1944:the Last Words of Galeazzo Ciano

    Galeazzo Ciano in his studio Seventy-three years ago, on the cold morning of January 11, 1944, Galeazzo Ciano, son-in-law of Benito Mussolini as the husband of his daughter Edda , married in 1930, was executed in Verona together with Emilio De Bono, Luciano Gottardi, Giovanni Marinelli a

  • Chicken in Egg Sauce (Artusi)

    The chicken recipe suggested in the post is taken from the 19th century manual by Pellegrino Artusi After some time I go back to writing post concerning the cuisine of the past , a topic that on Pills of History always has great success. The following is the recipe to prepare chicke

  • The Sad and Lonely Death of Louis XV and the Smallpox Vaccine

    Portrait of Louis XV. The king died of smallpox in 1774 April 1774 :during one of the usual hunting trips near Versailles to whom he always dedicated his free moments, the elderly king of France Louis XV felt bad. After three days spent in bed amidst complaints and excruciating pain, the c

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