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Innocent 38th President of the United States Gerald R. Ford

It was Gerald Rudolf Ford who took the lead as President Nixon resigned in the form of an unprecedented scandal resignation.

As far as he is concerned, it may be more famous that the Rockefeller family Nelson Rockefeller became Vice President than himself.

Gerald R. Ford before becoming president

Gerald Ford was born in 1913 in Nebraska.

When Ford was still a child, his father seemed to repeat domestic violence with his mother, who returned to her parents' home and sued her husband, and when the divorce was completed, his mother was a man named Gerald Ford. Remarried. At this time Ford was renamed Gerald Rudolf Jerry Ford Jr.

Ford was born in Nebraska, but grew up in Michigan and eventually entered the University of Michigan. Around this time, he worked for American football, and he was said to have been a well-known player to be selected as a national team.

After graduating, he declined to have scouts from the NFL, leaving Yale University Law School to become a lawyer.

He participated in the Pacific War in World War II and eventually discharged as a major.

He was a member of the federal parliament from 1949 to 1973 after the war, during which he participated in the Warren Commission, an investigative commission for the assassination of Kennedy, and contributed to the enactment of the Civil Rights Act. conduct.

In 1973, Richard Nixon appoints Ford as Vice President when Spiro Agnew, then Vice President, resigns on suspicion of bribery during his time as Governor. The following year, Nixon himself resigned after being suspected of being involved in the Watergate scandal, and Ford moved up to become the 38th President of the United States.

The 38th President of the United States

Ford lost his support shortly after his inauguration. The trigger was a statement that the president's amnesty would be given for the crime committed by Nixon, and diplomatic mismanagement such as the Mayaguez incident, which was a failure of the operation against the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, and even the Nixon shock. The economic downturn caused by the aftermath and the failure to show a solution to it continued, and eventually he lost in the next presidential election.

Then in 2007 Gerald Rudolf Ford died. He was 93 years old.

Personal evaluation of Gerald Ford

Ford has a lot to do with Nixon's mismanagement.

Ford's responsibility cannot be attributed to the fact that the Republican Party's support has plummeted due to Nixon's mismanagement, and that the Democratic Party has taken the initiative in Congress, and that the recession caused by the Nixon shock has occurred.

Ford himself, unlike Nixon, is innocent as a politician and is often praised by his later presidents for his attitude to restore the prestige of his presidential existence.

In addition, since the Nixon era, Kissinger has been heavily used, and there are many points to be evaluated such as disarmament and detente (relaxation of tension) by visiting China and meeting with Soviet Brezhnev, and contribution to the Declaration of Helsinki in Europe.

However, politics is, in a sense, emotional, and the announcement of an amnesty to Nixon has determined the fate of President Ford.

In addition, Rumsfeld and others, who were heavily used by Ford, later became the center of the Bush parent-child administration, and started the Gulf War and the Iraqi troops.

note that. Later, Ford was critical of the Gulf War.

Looking at Ford's policies, while he completely withdrew from Vietnam, he did not engage in a war of aggression, and even when looking at the civil rights movements during his time as a member of the Diet, Ford himself was a humane and innocent person. I can tell you that.

Whether or not such a humanly superior person is excellent as a president is a difficult question.