History of North America

Andrew Jackson, Seventh President of the United States

According to a census conducted in 1830, the population of the United States exceeded 12 million. In 1790, there were 4 million people, so it will be tripled in about 40 years.

It was Andrew Jackson who became president at a time when such population and territory were growing.

Heroes of the War of 1812 and the War of Indian Wars

Successive presidents of the United States are often lawyers or war heroes. Jackson is a rare president with both qualities.

Andrew Jackson was the last president to serve in the American Revolutionary War, and was only 13 years old when the Revolutionary War began. It is said that he had a fierce hatred for the British troops, such as being cornered to the point of starvation.

He worked for a shoemaker after the war, studied law at the University of Salisbury, worked as a lawyer in what is now Tennessee, and was elected to the Tennessee House of Representatives in 1796. From 1798 to 1804 he held the post of Chief Prosecutor of Tennessee, while he was also a vast farmer, serving more than 100 black slaves.

In 1806 Jackson killed his opponent in a duel. It all started when Jackson married a woman named Rachel, who was still married to another man, and later divorced and officially married Jackson and Rachel, a local newspaper. This was the reason why a duel took place with Charleso Dickinson, who had been injured and injured. As a result of this duel, Jackson's image fell apart and he had to leave the front stage for a while.

It was on the front stage again from the time of the War of 1812, and it made a name for itself in the United States by thoroughly murdering Native Americans who tied up with Britain.

As a captain, Jackson thoroughly slaughtered Native Americans, slaughtered men, women, children, combatants and non-combatants alike, which meant heroic behavior to American society at the time. .. Jackson's reputation was very good, especially in the west, as it was aimed at seizing Indian land.

It is very regrettable for us Yamato people who have the same ancestors as Native Americans, but for Caucasian races, Mongoloid is an enemy that should be destroyed.

In 1817, President Monroe began the Seminole Wars with Native Americans in Florida.

It is said that Monroe's aim was to reduce the power of Native Americans and prevent Florida from becoming a refuge for fugitive slaves.

Monroe was a racist, and he carried out fierce policies against the Negroids and Mongoloids, as if he wanted to eradicate all but the Caucasian race.

It can be said that Jackson was also the person who formed the flow, and as Monroe read, the black slave who actually escaped and Native Americans joined hands to oppose the United States.

As the Monroe Declaration set out the principle of mutual non-interference between Europe and the Americas, Native Americans helped the fugitive black slaves, the Spanish Governor and the two British who helped Native Americans. Execution.

The action was endorsed by Manifest Disteny follower John Quincy Adams, who succeeded in buying Florida from Spain as it was, and Jackson was appointed Governor of Florida.

In the presidential election after Monroe, he will fight against Quincy in the presidential election, but after a close battle, Quincy becomes the sixth president of the United States.

Jackson seemed unconvinced of the defeat and was indignant that "the people's candidates were crushed by the eastern aristocrats."

At that time, the United States was divided into powers such as eastern and western, northern and southern, and the situation was very complicated. The Industrial Revolution took place in the north, and it was rapidly industrialized, the south was a plantation by slavery, and the west was thinking about whether to move the land from the Indians to the following, and their interests were in conflict.

The next presidential election will be the worst-ever vicious accusation battle, and as a result Andrew Jackson will be elected and become the seventh president of the United States.

Jacksonian Democracy

Abraham Lincoln made the famous speech "Politics of the People, by the People, for the People" during the Civil War, but when it comes to Jackson, he was the one who gave the "White, White, White Politics". It can be said that.

World history textbooks say "Jaxonian Democracy," and it's written like a president who promoted democracy, but he realized universal suffrage for white men over the age of 20. It is a right and enacted the Indian Forced Migration Act, which killed at least 4000 innocent Native Americans.

It can be said that such a genocide in the name of democracy, unaware of any act in battle, is a very significant event in human history.

This is also part of America's great history.

However, Andrew Jackson is not just the president who slaughtered Native Americans, he is also the introducer of the ongoing "spoils system."

This is a system in which bureaucrats are completely replaced when the government changes, and it can be said that it is the basis of the current prosperity of the United States.

It is clear to everyone that Japan's decline is now in a corrupt bureaucracy, but they are given privileged positions, which have the detrimental consequences of political corruption such as amakudari. ..

Personally, I think the Spoils system should be introduced in Japan as well. It can be said that this system enables radical reforms, for better or for worse, and suppresses the emergence of political forces with vested interests to some extent, and it can be said that the purification effect by elections is working.

Jackson died in 1845. He is 78 years old.

Personal evaluation of Andrew Jackson

He is the stigma of the President of the United States, who has taken many innocent lives, and is the one who grabbed glory over numerous slave causatives and the slaughter of Indians.

There is nothing to praise personally, but it is still commendable to introduce an excellent political system called the Spoils system.

The fact that a racist like Jackson became president of the United States represents the nation of the United States, while the fact that a person like Lincoln became president also well represents the nation of the United States.

It should be said that a system to recover from mismanagement has been built, and it seems ironic that it was this Jackson who introduced that system.

Personally, I don't intend to value racists for any reason, but from a white standpoint, Andrew Jackson would be a very good president. From the point of view of the other person, he has no one to spit on.

However, a hero may be such a thing.

Chaplin left behind the phrase in the movie The Great Dictator, "If you kill one person, you're a criminal, but if you kill every enemy in the war, you're a hero." I have to feel the depth.