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Inspiration for your clothing:10 different medieval outfits

In our current episode of "Hieb und stabfest!" - our video series on Facebook - we present you various medieval outfits. You can find the entire video at the bottom (just click on the last point in the table of contents). So that you can take a closer look at what exactly we used for the clothing, we are giving you an overview here.

Clothing 1:Leather and fabric combination for the maid

The first outfit - worn by our dear Christin - consists of a dress and various leather accessories. It lends itself to many representations, such as a female archer in LARP. The elegantly swinging fabric dress offers a nice contrast to the rustic leather elements.

The basis of the outfit is our medieval dress Ana, but the version for children is green. Since Christin is relatively small, the children's size 164 fits her perfectly. Anyone who is a bit taller can use the adult dress for this outfit just as well. The children's and adult dresses are available in different colors so that you can combine them individually.

Christin wears our corset Rogue over the medieval dress. It cuts a great figure and brings the rather wide-cut Ana dress into the right shape. If that's a bit too much for you, you can also combine it with a bodice belt. Under the corset, Christin wears a simple green belt with a ring clasp to attach her pouch to. The outfit is rounded off with leather arm guards.


Ana dress for children in green, red, blue or natural 25.99€
Ana dress for adults in red, burgundy, white, natural, blue 39.99€
Corset Rogue in brown or black 169.95€
Viking Shoe Heimdall 99.90€
Medieval leather long belt 19.99€
Leather Pouch €6.95
Leather armguards with ravens, small triskelion, large triskelion, wild boar or dragon from €13.99


Cost:With all the trimmings, this outfit is around €340, with the most expensive part being the corset. If that's too much money for you for the time being, you can leave out the corset, because the dress is still held in place by the long belt. Alternatively, a girdle belt for lacing would also be conceivable, then you would be around €220 in total.

Attire 2:Pirate

In the video, Hendrik wears a typical pirate garb that would be conceivable in the early modern period (see picture above). The main focus is on the pirate coat Edward, a so-called justacorps from the 17th century and the typical pirate tricorne.

Under the coat, Hendrik wears the Corvin shirt, but there are a bunch of shirts that would fit. In our shirts category you will find a whole range, take a look. White or natural-colored shirts are recommended because they stand out well against the coat. We chose the simple but robust Hagen trousers for the trousers.

There are also various accessories such as a saber with a matching belt and a pirate hook. In the shop we have other suitable items such as an eye patch or a telescope.


Justacorps / Pirate Cloak Edward 109.95€
Corvin shirt with laces 32.95€
Pirate Tricorn 114.90€
Pirate Belt 34.95€
Pirate Cross Strap with Round Buckle €59.95
Pirate Saber (Padded Weapon) €59.95
Pirate Hook 23.95€
Hagen trousers 25.95€


In total - with all accessories - we are at 460 €. Those who prefer something simpler can leave out the coat and replace the tricorne hat with a headscarf. Of course, hooks and sabers are also optional.

Garment 3:Everything for the Viking

Our dear Björn has dressed up in flowing Viking garb. At the top he wears a combination of the Gunther undertunic and the Ailrik tunic. This layered look not only looks casual, but is also suitable for many weather conditions.

The legs are covered in our simple Hagen trousers, which are spiced up again with calf wraps in the right colour. Our Björn also wears Heimdall Viking shoes. The icing on the cake of the outfit is our Birka cap, which matches the color of the calf wraps, and a simple, hand-forged Thor's hammer necklace. If the Thor's hammer is a bit too plain for you, we have a huge selection in our Thor's hammer jewelery section.


Medieval undertunic Gunther, natural color 29.90€
Medieval tunic Ailrik, blue 29.95€
Hagen trousers, black 25.95€
Viking calf wrap 14.95€
Viking Shoe Heimdall 99.90€
Birka cap 15.95€
Viking Thor's Hammer Necklace €5.99


This brings us to around €220 for this outfit. As Christin said in the video, the shoes are the most expensive. Of course, as a beginner, you can also walk in ambient brown leather shoes. But in the long run, such a purchase is worthwhile because it simply looks more suitable than a modern shoe.

Attire 4:Medieval Fantasy Attire

Our likeable Olaf wears the super practical Bent tunic. Practical because the sleeves can be removed. Absolutely great in warm temperatures, strenuous work or archery.

Of course, Olaf wears the matching trousers Olaf with the Bent tunic, which is complemented by our herringbone calf wraps. A number of accessories such as bracers, a throwing ax with an ax holder and a pouch complete the robe. You don't need a belt with this outfit, because it is already included with the tunic.


Bent tunic in brown/black or blue/black €59.99
Olaf trousers in black, dark blue or brown 35.99€
Birka cap 15.95€
Viking calf wrap 14.95€
Turn-stitched shoes €59.95
Padded Bracers (Pair) 40.99€
Small Throwing Axe 20.99€
axe holder $8.99
Leather Pouch €6.95


In total, this garment costs around €260. As always, you can omit or exchange accessories as you like.
There are also greaves and a breastplate to go with the bracers.

Clothing 5:Medieval Maid

Our next outfit is well suited for rural representations and is a very popular garment for the medieval market. Although the blouse and skirt combination first appeared in the Renaissance, it has many advantages. On the one hand, you can exchange individual components and immediately have a new look. On the other hand, some women feel more comfortable in a skirt and blouse than in a dress.

But back to the outfit:we added a petticoat and an apron to the wide skirt. This creates a pretty layered look. A little tip:If it is very warm or you need more legroom for some work, then simply pull the overskirt and apron through the belt. That's what women did in the Middle Ages. However, showing legs was improper, so the petticoat was usually not gathered up. At least not in public.

Our maid wears the Birga blouse and a bonnet. Here, too, you can let off steam with accessories. However, a belt is recommended. We have attached a leather pouch and cutlery to these.


Birga blouse 24.99€
Medieval Skirt 23.99€
Underskirt in brown or natural 19.99€
Apron in brown or natural 12.99€
cloak 34.99€
Hood 10.99€
Celtic Knot Necklace 23.95€
Bracelet 19.99€
Medieval leather long belt 19.99€
Leather Pouch €6.95
Cutlery with leather pouch 29.95€


With the accessories, this outfit costs €226.39.

Clothes 6+7:Two medieval outfits for children

As you can see from Christine's outfit, we not only have outfits for adults, but also for children. If you want to browse for yourself, you can find the section here:Medieval children's clothing.

The girl in the picture wears our Viking dress Solveig. The little warrior is in our medieval shirt Colin, trousers Thore and the children's mail shirt. You can use our medieval long belt as a belt and either cut it off and add more holes to it, or put it on several times. You can also get children's shoes from us, namely the medieval children's shoe with laces and the medieval children's shoe with straps.

Clothing 8:Medieval Maiden with Hell's Windows

Our one-armed Tyra wears a combination of an undergarment with trumpet sleeves and an overgarment with hell windows, typical of the late Middle Ages. A bodice belt for lacing gives the whole thing shape. Together with a few accessories, you get a beautiful, but still comfortable medieval outfit.

Tyra didn't wear shoes with us, but if you want to wear some, our high-medieval lace-up shoes fit very well.


Medieval petticoat burgundy in blue or white 39.99€
Andra medieval overdress in brown, red or blue 35.99€
Corset belt with laces 37.99€
Money cat with horn button 29.95€
Wrist pocket 49.99€
Bone Triskelion Pendant 14.95€


The overdress and slip together only cost around €75, with the accessories that comes to around €200.

Clothing 9:Simple medieval robe for the warrior

Simple but practical:This outfit for the warrior basically consists of our medieval shirt Ludwig and the medieval pants Hermann. You can spice it up, for example, with a hood, a belt, a belt bag and a drinking horn with a drinking horn holder.

Again, there are several colors to combine. We also have a large selection of medieval shirts that actually all fit. Therefore you can put together your outfit according to your own taste.


Shirt Ludwig 29.99€
Hose Hermann 31.99€
Gugel Markus 25.99€
Leather bag 34.95€
drinking horn from €7.95
Belt 18.99€
Horn Holder €6.95


For about 62 € you have put together a nice outfit that can be expanded with a number of accessories.

Clothing 10:Medieval Fantasy Outfit

The focal point of this beautiful fantasy outfit is our Eleanor dress, which we offer in different colours. In this green/white color scheme, the combination with white accessories is ideal because it looks very classy in itself.

We have therefore combined the medieval dress with our white Burkhardt cape, a white petticoat and the white pilgrim bag. In addition a black leather belt, drinking horn and drinking horn holder.

Tip:If you expand this medieval outfit with colored contact lenses and elf ears, you have a beautiful representation of the elf.


Eleanor Dress €49.90
Petticoat 19.99€
Burkhardt cape 34.99€
Celtic Guardian Dragon Pendant 12.95€
Medieval leather long belt 19.99€
drinking horn from €7.95
Horn Holder €6.95
Pilgrim's Bag 15.99€


The cornerstones of the outfit, i.e. dress, petticoat and cape, together cost €104. If you pack another 60 € on top, you also have the accessories. You can get elf ears for around €11 and colored contact lenses from €17.

The video about the medieval outfits

If you want to watch the video again, go ahead. Christin and Hendrik give many more insights into medieval outfits.