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the ghost army

After the invasion of Iraq, in 2003, it was found that many of the photographs taken by spy satellites - apparently war material - were nothing more than models to appear more warlike potential (I am not referring to weapons of mass destruction, but to conventional weapons). But this trick had already been used by the Americans in World War II, it was the so-called «Ghost Army «.

The 23rd Special Forces unit, popularly called the Ghost Army, was created in 1944 and was made up of artists, designers, sound technicians, press agents, make-up artists and professional photographers, and their job was to make the Nazis believe they had more troops and material, and, above all, to distract the German army so that the real army could advance smoothly.

They faithfully reproduced all the military units (inflatables) with their characteristic sounds and their missions were secret (it took the Pentagon more than 50 years to recognize the existence of this unit). All the members of the unit had a badge of the ghost army, which they could not officially wear, with the legends in Latin «we are going to simulate what does not exist «, and «what is real must be camouflaged «.

After the war, some of these "artists" succeeded in their respective subjects (photography, painting, sound...)

Sources:Seattle Pi, Moillusions

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