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  • Hiroo Onoda:the Soldier who didn't want to Surrender

    Hiroo Onoda The following article was sent to Pills of History by the site manager and concerns Hiroo Onoda, a character, namely a soldier, all to be discovered. Enjoy the reading. Elder Hiroo Onoda On 15 August 1945 , the Emperor Hirohito announced the surrender

  • Period Furniture:the Psyche

    Chamber psyche from the Umbertine era If you are not lucky enough to have inherited it in your family, you can still find one of the furnishing accessories in the antique markets which caused the greatest furore in Europe during the 19th century:the psyche . Ever heard of it? However, I am

  • Healthy (and Bad) Food Habits in the Napoleonic Era

    A set table. In general, the eating habits of French peasants in the Napoleonic era became healthier, but some bad customs of the past continued to exist In principle, the living conditions in the French countryside during the Napoleonic Empire improved in various respects, including food, a

  • The Look of Oscar Wilde

    The eccentric look of Oscar Wilde Self-centered, extravagant and brilliant, Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) is one of the dandies most famous in history. Irish, the son of an ophthalmologist and a poet, the writer, one of the greatest in contemporary literature, also distinguished himself for his

  • Early 1900s DIY Charcoal Toothpaste:Original Recipe

    Vintage advertising. The charcoal toothpaste whitened the teeth After a long time I go back to posting on Pills of History natural recipes of health and beauty taken from To be beautiful ( Sonzogno, Milan, 1906 ), a manual well known by ladies of the early 20th century. The followin

  • Early 1900s DIY Nail Ointment:Original Recipe

    1930s Nail Art The following is a recipe for making nail ointment with natural ingredients ( see also It is taken from a 1906 hygiene and beauty manual, To be beautiful ( Sonzogno, Milan ), all the rage amo

  • Puffy Eyes:Two Natural Recipes from the early 1900s

    Vintage advertising I quote from the health and beauty manual To be beautiful ( Sonzogno, Milan, 1906 ), two recipes and some tips to remedy the problem of swollen eyes. The text reads: “When the eyes are swollen, light massages with: are particularly recommended Castor oil gr. 5

  • Sissi and Ludwig II Were Lovers?

    Portraits of Sissi and Ludwig II of Bavaria The deep bond that certainly united Sissi and Ludwig II of Bavaria , has always been the subject of studies and hypotheses. The Empress of Austria and the unfortunate sovereign were cousins, but their relationship was so intense that it went far beyo

  • The Tormented Homosexuality of Ludwig II

    Ludwig II and the young actor Josef Kainz (left in the photo) Ludwig II of Bavaria he never showed any interest in the female sex and also the chat friendship with the beautiful Sissi, cousin of him, it was nothing more than a platonic bond between two similar souls (https://www.pilloledistori

  • 1860:First Biscuits for Dogs are born

    The first dog biscuits were born in 1860 and invented by the American James Spratt Animals have accompanied man since the dawn of civilization, but the habit of keeping them at home as members of the family in all respects spread only in the 19th century, in particular as regards dogs and cats.

  • Mata Hari:Short Biography of the Sexiest Spy of All Time

    Mata Hari She was born in the Netherlands in 1876 and she was called Margaretha Geertruida Zelle , but to the world she is and she will always remain Mata Hari , “days eye” in the Malay language, the spy most famous and sexy in contemporary history. In 1895, at the age of 19, Margareth

  • Orange Jelly in Frost (from Artusi)

    Orange jelly The recipe which I report below is taken from Science in the kitchen and art of eating well , famous text by the gastronome Pellegrino Artusi. It is a sweet: orange jelly in frost. Here is what it says: “Sugar 150 grams, isinglass 20 grams, 4 deciliters water, 4 ta

  • Frozen Strawberry Jelly (from Artusi)

    Strawberry jelly After that with oranges (, in this post find the recipe original by Pellegrino Artusi to prepare the gelatine of frozen strawberries , another spoon dessert presented in

  • Seaweed Soap:Lose Weight in the 1930s

    Advertising for a soap for weight loss The thinness it is not an imperative of beauty exclusive to our times, but of many other eras. In the 30s of the last century , cosmetic research developed a new product that promised to fight extra pounds in an almost miraculous way: seaweed soap. T

  • Being Thin in Victorian Times

    Victorian era women. Being thin was a beauty imperative that could not be escaped Each historical period has its own aesthetic canons , but the thinness, almost always, it is an imperative that is difficult to escape. It was the same for the woman of the Victorian era , that she had to kee

  • Mata Hari shooting

    Mata Hari At the end of a far from fair trial, Mata Hari , pseudonym of Margaretha Geertruida Zelle, ( was sentenced to death for shooting and the attempts to commute the

  • Anne Frank's Diary:Some "Forbidden" Pages Discovered

    Some pages from the Diary of Anne Frank The Anne Frank Foundation, with a tweet, announced the discovery of two previously unknown pages of the famous Diary of Anne Frank. A research conducted by two teams of experts, coordinated by the foundation itself, on the original find in fact

  • Franco Califano “Copiò” Leopardi?

    Manuscript of Leopardis Infinity; perhaps Franco Califano was inspired by the great poet for the title of one of his most famous songs Everything else is boring is the title of one of the most famous songs by Franco Califano , but it is possible that it was taken from a writing by Giacomo L

  • Saccharin:When and By Who Was It Invented?

    Saccharin The discovery of saccharin, a well-known and widespread sweetener, dates back to 1879 and it happened, as it happened many other times, by pure chance. To the chemist Constantin Fahlberg in fact, it was enough to simply eat a sandwich while he was back from his laboratory. Bi

  • Death of Giovanni Pascoli:Cancer or Alcoholism?

    Giovanni Pascoli What do we know about the death of Giovanni Pascoli ? The great Italian poet, one of the greatest exponents of European Decadentism, died on April 6, 1912 in Bologna. He had been living in the Emilian city for some time, after having succeeded Giosuè Carducci as a profes

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