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  • Exercises on the War of the Emboabas - with feedback

    Question 01 - IBMEC 2006 - The Emboabas War was:a) a confrontation between Pernambuco planters, concentrated in Olinda, and Portuguese merchants from Recife, pejoratively called emboabas, who fought for the emancipation of Recife.b) a revolt of the urban layers of Vila Rica, under the leadership of

  • History Exercises on the War in Paraguay - with feedback

    Question 01 - Mackenzie 2006 - The three statements below refer to the Paraguayan War (1864-1870).I. The war pitted Paraguay against a military alliance formed by Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay (Triple Alliance), with Brazilians holding the numerical majority in the armies.II. Despite the final victo

  • World War I History Exercises - With Answers

    Question 01 - Army - 2013 - EspCEx - Army Cadet - Read the two texts below:TEXT I“In 1873, Bismarck established the League of Three Emperors, which included Germany, Austria-Hungary and Russia. However, the differences between Russia and Austria regarding the Balkan region, caused by the fact that R

  • Exercises on Brazil's participation in World War I - with feedback

    Question 01 - Mackenzie 2018 - Afternoon - “Neutral during most of the first three years of the conflict, a position aligned with that of the United States government, Brazil entered the war in 1917, using as official justification the attacks by German submarines on Brazilian merchant ships”. ://ww

  • Exercises on the Spanish Civil War - with feedback

    Question 01 - FUVEST 2008 - Transfer – The Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) is considered by many as the antechamber of the Second World War (1939-1945). This assessment is based on the fact that the Spanish conflict a) resulted in the victory of fascism, which had the support of public opinion in Euro

  • Exercises on the Contestado War - with feedback

    Question 01 - UDESC - 2012.2 - The Contestado War began in October 1912, and this year will mark 100 years since the beginning of the conflict. This event brought to light disputes over land between states of the federation, residents, caboclos and local (state and federal) power. Tick ​​the alterna

  • Exercises on Brazil's participation in World War II - with feedback

    Question 01 - MPE-GO - 2017 - In August 1942, Brazil declared war on Germany, positioning itself on the side of the Allies in World War II. As a result of this declaration of war, Brazil organized approximately 25,000 troops and sent them to the Italian front to defeat German troops defending posit

  • Vietnam War History Exercises - With Answers

    Question 01 - ENEM PPL 2010 - The photo reveals a moment in the Vietnam War (1965-1975), a military conflict whose journalistic coverage used, in large-scale photography and television. One of the roles played by the media in covering this war, as evidenced by the photo, was a) to demonstrate the cu

  • Vietnam War History Exercises - With Answers

    Question 01 - ENEM PPL 2010 - The photo reveals a moment in the Vietnam War (1965-1975), a military conflict whose journalistic coverage used, in large-scale photography and television. One of the roles played by the media in covering this war, as evidenced by the photo, was a) to demonstrate the cu

  • Exercises on the Cold War - with feedback

    Question 01 - FUVEST 2018/19 - Transfer - 1st Phase - The Second World War was barely over when humanity plunged into what can reasonably be seen as a Third World War, albeit a very peculiar war. Eric Hobsbawm. It was from the extremes. São Paulo:Companhia das Letras, 1995, p. 224. What the text cal

  • History Exercises on the Falklands War - with answers

    Question 01 - FMABC 2013 - Everything happened contrary to what was predicted by the Argentine government. Britain sent a powerful naval fleet with planes and ground forces, and the United States preferred to side with its ally in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The war lasted until

  • History Exercises on the Bosnian War - with answer

    Question 01 - UECE 2010 - François Mitterrand, President of France from 1981 to 1995, in order to draw the worlds attention to the problem of the Bosnian crisis, in 1992, he made an unexpected visit to Sarajevo, a city that, in that year, would be the scene of the death of 150 thousand people. Abou

  • Exercises on the Civil War in Syria - with feedback

    Question 01 - UFRGS 2016 - Since 2011, Syria has been the scene of a civil war between the government of Bashar al-Assad and various armed opposition groups, with different ideological and political motivations. Among these groups, one of the main ones is the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (IS

  • History Exercises on the Letter by Pero Vaz de Caminha - with feedback

    Question 01 - UFF 2000 - Pero Vaz de Caminhas Letter, written in 1500, is considered one of the founding documents of Terra Brasilis and reflects, in its text, general values ​​of Renaissance culture, among which stands out:(A) the view of the Indian as belonging to the non-religious universe, takin

  • History Exercises on Portuguese America - With Answers

    Question 01 - UNICAMP 2019 - 1st phase - So much so that we saw the abundance of gold that was taken and the lavishness with which everything that went there was paid, soon inns were built and soon the merchants began to send to Minas Gerais the best that arrived on the ships of the Kingdom and ot

  • Exercises on the Tailors' Revolt - with template

    Question 01 - UFPE 2005 - The struggle to build political autonomy in Brazil included several rebellions, in which reflections on the issue of slavery, which affected our history so much, stood out. Slaves were decisive for the production of social wealth and suffered from the political and physical

  • Exercises on Baiana Conjuration - with template

    Question 01 - PUCRS 2002.1 - The crisis of the colonial system was influenced by the ideas of the Independence of the United States and the French Revolution. In this context, there were rebellions planned by the landowning elites and the popular classes in Brazil at the end of the 18th century. Tra

  • History Exercises on the Inconfidência Mineira - with feedback

    Question 01 - UFPR 2008 - “Unbalanced hero, champion of freedom, loudmouth, brave, reckless, scapegoat, patron of the Republic [...]. The views on Tiradentes are as varied as the views on the Inconfidência Mineira, in particular, and on Brazils own past.”(Dossiê Tiradentes in Berlinda. In:Revista de

  • History Exercises about Quilombo dos Palmares - with feedback

    Question 01 - Machado de Assis Institute - 2018 - Luís Correia City Hall - PI - History Teacher -In Brazil, the best known of the quilombos, the place where escaped slaves formed their nuclei, was Palmares, which was located in:(A) Serra da Barriga, present-day Alagoas state.(B) Serra da Saudade, cu

  • Quilombo History Exercises - With Answers

    Question 01 - UNESP 2009/2 - 1st day - This quilombo [Quariterê, in 1769, near Cuiabá], led by Queen Tereza, lived not only from their crops, but from the production of cotton that served to dress the blacks and, according to some authors, even to function as a product of exchange with the region. I

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