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  • History Exercises on Simón Bolívar - With Answers

    Question 01 - UFMG 2005 - Read this passage:... we are neither Indians nor Europeans, but an intermediary species between the legitimate owners of the continent and the Spanish usurpers:in short, being Americans by birth and our rights those of Europe, we have to dispute these with those of the coun

  • History Exercises on the Monroe Doctrine - With Answers

    Question 01 - FAMEMA 2022 - On December 2, 1823, James Monroe, President of the United States, in his annual message to Congress announced what would come to be known as the “Monroe Doctrine”:of the United States, that the American continents, by virtue of the free and independent condition they hav

  • Exercises on the Doctrine of Manifest Destiny - with feedback

    Question 01 - UERJ 2011 - 1st Qualification Exam - John Gasts canvas symbolizes the spread of material progress, such as railroads and the telegraph, in the USA during the 19th century. These changes contributed to the conquest of new territories and were justified by the following set of ideas:(A)

  • Exercises on Luddism - with feedback

    Question 01 - UNIFENAS-2019/1 - The first protests by workers aimed to destroy the machines in the factories. Dissatisfied with the working conditions, the protesters broke the machines trying to stop production. One of the best known episodes occurred in April 1812, when more than fifty workers inv

  • Exercises on the Second Industrial Revolution - with feedback

    Question 01 - FATEC - 2019 - Read the text.Many inventions and discoveries of this phase were the result of systematic scientific research carried out in laboratories of universities or industries. Entrepreneurs began to invest in the work of scientists, looking for inventions that would generate p

  • History Exercises on Big Stick Politics - With Answers

    Question 01 - FGV-SP 2002 - “Speak softly and use a club”, said US President Theodore Roosevelt to justify US foreign policy. Regarding the policy known as the “Big Stick”, we can say:a) It meant a pragmatic measure taken by the North Americans shortly after independence, seeking to overcome diploma

  • History Exercises on the Platt Amendment - With Answers

    Question 01 - FGV-SP 2005 - The Platt Amendment, defined by the US Congress in 1901, established:a) Non-interference by the United States in the internal affairs of the Caribbean Republics. b) The incorporation of Cuba as one of the components of the North American federation. c) The right of US pol

  • History Exercises on the Mexican Revolution - With Answers

    Question 01 - FMABC 2015 - The Mexican Revolution, which took place between 1910 and 1917, a) ended with the overthrow of Francisco Madero and the call for free elections at all levels. b) established a socialist dictatorship in the country, led by Emiliano Zapata, which lasted until the end of the

  • History Exercises on the Russian Revolution - With Answers

    Question 01 - UFF 2000 - The Russian Revolution, which began the process of building socialism in the former USSR, ended in 1917, marked by two moments. The first, in February, when the Mensheviks organized the provisional government, and the second, in October, when the Bolsheviks took over. the co

  • Exercises on the Russian Revolution of 1917 - with feedback

    Question 01 - FUVEST 2019 - 1st Phase - Observe the following image. This image is directly related to a major political event of the 20th century, the namely:a) Independence from Turkey.b) Russian Revolution. c) Napoleonic Wars.d) Cold War.e) Chinese Revolution.Question 02 - UNESP - 2004/2 - 1st da

  • History Exercises on Salazarism - with answer

    Question 01 - URCA 2016/1 - Regarding Salazarism, established in Portugal between 1933 and 1974, it is CORRECT to say:a) It was inspired by the Soviet model and was configured as a socialist, nationalist and authoritarian regime. b) It preserved the Portuguese monarchy, but established an authoritar

  • History Exercises on Nazism - With Answers

    Question 01 - UNITAU 2016 - “In Nazism, we have a phenomenon that is difficult to submit to rational analysis. Under a leader who spoke in an apocalyptic tone of world power or destruction, and a regime founded on an absolutely repulsive ideology of racial hatred, one of the most culturally and econ

  • History Exercises on Fascism - With Answers

    Question 01 - UNICAMP 2021 - It can be said that Italian fascism was the first right-wing dictatorship that dominated a European country:it was a collage of diverse political and philosophical ideas. Is it possible to conceive of a totalitarian movement that manages to combine monarchy and revolutio

  • Exercises on Mussolini and Italian Fascism - with feedback

    Question 01 - CEFET-MG - 2018 - Integrated Technician - Military education was part of an entire teaching structure that aimed to form the “new man” through an integral education that involved the psychological, physical and social aspects. At the beginning of the government, physical education cla

  • History Exercises on the Good Neighbor Policy - with feedback

    Question 01 - UFF 2000 - From the 1930s onwards, the so-called “good neighbor policy” inaugurated by the United States meant, for Latin America, the imposition of North American cultural standards. Check the option that incorrectly refers to this process. (A) The “good neighbor policy” played a fund

  • Exercises on the New Deal - with feedback

    Question 01 - UVA 2013.1 - CE - UVA 2013.1 - CE - The “New Deal” policy, developed by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, after his election in 1932, aimed mainly at:A) recovering the American economy, deeply shaken by the Great Depression.B) guarantee the American presence in Panama, due to its st

  • Marshall Plan Exercises - With Answers

    Question 01 - UTFPR 2007 - Summer - The Cold War had its starting point in 1947, when the Americans decided to go on the offensive against the Soviets, in a policy that became known as “containment”. The first major measure was the beginning of heavy US investments in the arms race and the second wa

  • Bandung Conference Exercises - with feedback

    Question 01 - UNESP - 2017/2 - 1st phase - In 1955, the Bandung Conference was held in Indonesia, which laid the foundations of the so-called Non-Aligned Movement. Considering the post-World War II context, the Bandung Conference expresseda) a demonstration for the international recognition of Asian

  • History Exercises on McCarthyism - With Answers

    Question 01 - FGV-SP 2005 - We can define McCarthyism as:a) A hard campaign of investigations directed by North American parliamentarians, aimed at anyone who was considered a suspect of subversion or collaboration with communist countries. b) An anti-Semitic campaign that was established in the Un

  • History Exercises on the Truman Doctrine - with answer

    Question 01 - FAAP 2020 - According to some historians, the Truman Doctrine inaugurated the period of the Cold War. This doctrine would be a) the American effort to contain Nazi expansion in Europe. b) the Soviet effort to contain the German advance in their country through the alliance between the

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