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  • History Exercises on the Cuban Revolution - with feedback

    Question 01 - UFPE 1998 - Regarding the Cuban Revolution, it is incorrect to say that:a) Fidel Castro commanded an attack on the Moncada Barracks in 1953, being arrested and only granted amnesty in 1955. b) From Mexico, Fidel Castro organized an invasion of Cuba with Che Guevara in 1956. c) In Cuba,

  • History Exercises on the Cuban Missile Crisis - with feedback

    Question 01 - FGV-SP 2019/1 - In 1962, the missile crisis takes place, when Kennedy threatens again to invade Cuba on the pretext of installing Soviet missiles on the island. Without consulting the Cubans, the Soviets ended up dismantling the rockets, which had been offered to protect the Castro re

  • Exercises on the Government of Mikhail Gorbachev - with feedback

    Question 01 - FUVEST 2019 - 1st Phase - In 1985, Mikhail Gorbachev took over as general secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. As soon as he took power, he proposed perestroika, which, among other things, aimed ata) profound reforms in the political-administrative system to put an end

  • History Exercises on the Civil Rights Movement - with feedback

    Question 01 - Palmas City Hall- SEMED - (History) - 2013 - “The mobilizations reached their peak in 1963:from June to August, the Department of Justice documented more than 1412 different demonstrations; in one week in June, more than 15,000 Americans were arrested as a result of protests in 186 cit

  • Ku Klux Klan History Exercises - With Answers

    Question 01 - FUVEST 2012 - Transfer – The Ku Klux Klan was founded in the United States in 1866, formed entirely by white people, mixing an uncompromising defense of the Protestant religion and white supremacy with strongly racist, xenophobic and anti-Catholic content. Throughout its troubled exist

  • Exercises on the Carnation Revolution - with feedback

    Question 01 - UNESP 2014 - The Carnation Revolution took place in Portugal on April 25, 1974. This movement(A) allowed the reestablishment of Portuguese political control over the African colonies, which had just conquered their independence.(B) ) installed a military dictatorship in Portugal, endin

  • History Exercises on Islam - With Answers

    Question 01 - UVA 2011.1 - CE - In the Asian and African regions where Islam is expressed, fundamentalist movements have grown a lot. The receptivity of these movements is based, on the one hand, on the criticism of the nature of political regimes, the performance and policy of national governments.

  • Exercises on the genocide in Rwanda, 1994 - with feedback

    Question 01 - UNESP - 2007 - 1st day - From April to July 1994, in Rwanda, a country in central Africa, the worsening conflict between the Tutsi and Hutu ethnic groups culminated in the death of more than 800,000 people, many victims of machete blows. The genocide committed by fanatical groups, as s

  • History Exercises on Apartheid - With Answers

    Question 01 - FUVEST 2018 - Transfer - 1st Phase - Regarding the Apartheid regime, officially established in 1948, consider the following statements:I. It is a racial segregation policy that established laws that classified and separated South African ethnic groups.II. He established the Bantustans

  • Exercises on the Islamic State - with feedback

    Question 01 - FATEC 2017 - Read the text. The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, or just the Islamic State (IS), is currently the most powerful jihadist terrorist organization in the world in terms of manpower and income and which preaches armed jihad. The primary objective of IS is to establish

  • Exercises on the Punic Wars - with feedback

    Question 01 - Mackenzie 1997 - The Punic Wars, conflicts between Rome and Carthage, in the 2nd century BC, were motivated:a) by the dispute and control of trade in the Black Sea and possession of the Greek colonies.b) by the control of the regions of Thrace and Macedonia and the monopoly of trade in

  • Exercises on the Medical Wars - with feedback

    Question 01 - PUCRS 2008.1 - In the 5th century BC, with the end of the Medical Wars, a period of hegemony of Athens over the Greek world was established, in opposition to Sparta. Among the conditioning factors of this hegemony, A) the increase in the power of the Athenian naval forces cannot be po

  • Exercises on the Peloponnesian War - with feedback

    Question 01 - PUC - RS - 2016 - Regarding the Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC), inserted in the context of conflicts between the city-states and portrayed in an epic way by Thucydides as the war “more important than all the previous ones”, it is correct to say that its The main cause was/wereA) the a

  • History Exercises on the Hundred Years' War - with feedback

    Question 01 - UNIFENAS 2019/1 - There were two main reasons for the war. The first was the claim of Edward III, King of England, to the French throne. In 1337, calling himself King of France, he initiated the invasion in order to assert his rights. The second cause of the war was economic in nature.

  • Exercises on the Civil War - with feedback

    Question 01 - FGV 2005 - Economics - 1st Phase - The 1860 US presidential election was won by Abraham Lincoln, a northerner and leader of the Republican Party. Not all federation units accepted the electoral result, and some southern states created the Confederate States of America. It was the begi

  • Exercises on the War of the Peddlers - with feedback

    Question 01 - FUVEST - The so-called War of the Peddlers, which took place in Pernambuco, in 1710, was due to:a) the emergence of a Brazilian nativist sentiment, in opposition to the Portuguese colonizers. b) the wounded pride of the inhabitants of the town of Olinda, despised by the Portuguese. c)

  • Exercises on the War of the Emboabas - with feedback

    Question 01 - IBMEC 2006 - The Emboabas War was:a) a confrontation between Pernambuco planters, concentrated in Olinda, and Portuguese merchants from Recife, pejoratively called emboabas, who fought for the emancipation of Recife.b) a revolt of the urban layers of Vila Rica, under the leadership of

  • History Exercises on the War in Paraguay - with feedback

    Question 01 - Mackenzie 2006 - The three statements below refer to the Paraguayan War (1864-1870).I. The war pitted Paraguay against a military alliance formed by Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay (Triple Alliance), with Brazilians holding the numerical majority in the armies.II. Despite the final victo

  • World War I History Exercises - With Answers

    Question 01 - Army - 2013 - EspCEx - Army Cadet - Read the two texts below:TEXT I“In 1873, Bismarck established the League of Three Emperors, which included Germany, Austria-Hungary and Russia. However, the differences between Russia and Austria regarding the Balkan region, caused by the fact that R

  • Exercises on Brazil's participation in World War I - with feedback

    Question 01 - Mackenzie 2018 - Afternoon - “Neutral during most of the first three years of the conflict, a position aligned with that of the United States government, Brazil entered the war in 1917, using as official justification the attacks by German submarines on Brazilian merchant ships”. ://ww

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