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  • Exercises on the Old Republic - with feedback

    Question 01 - UVA 2012.2 - CG - The statement The political system whose focus of power is located in the States, under the hegemony of the economically strongest, liberal in its form, oligarchic in terms of effective functioning refers, in Brazil:A. to the Estado Novo.B. to Populism.C. to the New R

  • History Exercises on the Constitutionalist Revolution of 1932 - with feedback

    Question 01 - FUVEST 2013 - Transfer – Look at the following image. This image is directly related to thea) campaign for industrialization in Brazil. b) Brazils participation in World War I.c) Revolution of 1932.d) Brazils participation in World War II.e) Nationalist reaction to the 1964 coup . Que

  • Exercises on the Guerrilha do Araguaia - with feedback

    Question 01 - UNIFOR 2013.1 - During the military dictatorship in Brazil, there was a guerrilla movement in the Amazon region known as “Guerrilha do Araguaia”. Regarding this movement, mark the CORRECT alternative.(A) It was organized by the Communist Party of Brazil (PC do B) and its objective was

  • History Exercises on the AI-5 - With Answers

    Question 01 - UNITAU 2018 - In the header of Jornal do Brasil, on December 14, 1968, it was written:“Tempo negro. Stifling temperature. The air is unbreathable. The country is being swept by strong winds. Max:38º in Brasília, Min:5º, in Laranjeiras”. What fact does this text refer to? a) Approval o

  • Exercises on the Brazilian economic miracle - with feedback

    Question 01 - SEDUC - CE - 2016 - SEDUC-CE - Professor - History - Read the text below. The period between 1968 and 1973 is known as the “miracle” phase when, under the military regime, the growth of the Brazilian economy showed an extraordinary acceleration, with an average expansion of 11% per ye

  • Exercises on the Amnesty Law - with feedback

    Question 01 - IF-SP - 2019 - IF-SP - Available at . Accessed on December 17, 2018 Regarding the enactment of the Amnesty Law, in 1979, we can conclude that:(A) it was the result of negotiations involving social movements that, at that time, identified the

  • Exercises on the civil-military dictatorship in Brazil (1964-1985)

    Question 01 - EAD / UFPR 2016 - The revolution is distinguished from other armed movements by the fact that it translates not the interest and will of a group, but the interest and will of the Nation. (Excerpt from Institutional Act number 1, of April 9, 1964 .) Regarding the context of the beginnin

  • Exercises on the Years of Lead (Brazil) - with feedback

    Question 01 - CEDAF - UFV 2011 - From 1964 to 1985, Brazil lived a military dictatorship, in a period that became known as the “years of lead”. Heavy years for the Brazilian people. About this period, it is INCORRECT to state that:a) the greatest resistance to the dictatorship took place through th

  • History Exercises on Painted Faces - with answer

    Question 01 - ENEM 2011 - Movement of the Painted Faces. The movement represented in the image, from the early 1990s, snatched thousands of young people in Brazil. In this context, the youth, moved by a strong civic feeling, joined the opposition parties and organized the Diretas Já campaign. B) spo

  • Exercises on the National Truth Commission (CNV) - with feedback

    Question 01 - VUNESP - 2013 - FUNDUNESP - Historiographer - Law No. 12,528, of 18 November 2011, creates the National Truth Commission – CNV – within the scope of the Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic. It is the purpose of the CNV to examine and (A) punish those responsible for the serio

  • History Exercises on the June 2013 Journeys - with answer

    Question 01 - UNESP - 2013 - On a day of greater mobilization, protests take more than 1 million people to the streets in Brazil More than 1 million people participated in protests in several cities in Brazil this Thursday [20.06.2013]. The protests took place in several capitals and hundreds of cit

  • Exercises on the Deodoro da Fonseca Government - with feedback

    Question 01 - UTFPR 2010-1 - On November 15, 1889, Marshal Deodoro da Fonseca, with the support of the republicans, dismissed the Council of Ministers and its president. On the night of the same day, the marshal signed the manifesto, proclaiming the Republic in Brazil and installing a provisional go

  • Exercises on the Rodrigues Alves Government - with feedback

    Question 01- CEGRANRIO - The Rodrigues Alves government (1902-1906) was responsible for the modernization and urbanization processes of the Federal Capital - Rio de Janeiro. Mayor Pereira Passos was responsible for urbanization of the city and Dr. Oswaldo Cruz sanitation, aiming to fight mainly yell

  • Exercises on the Prudente de Morais Government - with feedback

    Question 01 - UVA 2006.2 - Prudente de Morais was the first civilian president to hold the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil. With it, begins:A) an economic policy aimed at expanding the countrys export bases, stimulating agricultural diversification.B) the transition to the Republic of oligarchi

  • History Exercises on the Government of Artur Bernardes - with feedback

    Question 01 - UEA 2012/2013 - The power constituted in the Old Republic (1889-1930) was harshly criticized and fought in the 1920s by the young officers of the Brazilian army. During the government of President Artur Bernardes (1922-1926) there were military revolts that (A) sought to imitate the fa

  • Exercises on the Washington Luís Government - with feedback

    Question 01 - FUVEST 2008 - Transfer – The geography of transport in Brazil is, in the 20th century, marked by the hegemony of the road modal over other modes of transport. This statement can be directly related to a Brazilian ruler and his motto: a) Washington Luís and Governar is opening roads. b

  • History Exercises on the Estado Novo (1937-1945) - with feedback

    Question 01 - FUVEST 2004 - Transfer – In the Proclamation to the Brazilian People, dated November 10, 1937 (creation of the Estado Novo), Getúlio Vargas stated:in periods of crisis, (...) party democracy (...) subverts the hierarchy, threatens the unity of the homeland and jeopardizes the existenc

  • Exercises on the Dutra Government - with feedback

    Question 01 - FGV 2002 - The administration of President Eurico Gaspar Dutra was marked by the adoption of measures aimed at the modernization of political-administrative institutions. Among these changes, the following can be highlighted:a) the approval of a new Constitution which, although it foll

  • History Exercises on the Vargas Government (1951-1954) - with feedback

    Question 01 - IFBA 2017 - Integrated -”Put the old mans portrait againPut it in the same place (bis)The old mans smileMakes us work”. (bis)(1951 Carnival March)“Come, Getúlio! Come, Getúlio!Our real bossOur great PresidentWith all realityCome save your peopleWho are in need.”(Poetry de Cordel, Rodol

  • Exercises on the Juscelino Kubitschek Government - with feedback

    Question 01 - UERJ 2007 - 1st Qualification Exam - The JK years, celebrated as golden years, were supported by the Plano de Metas, a set of guidelines with the objective of eliminating inequalities in Brazil. Among these guidelines we can highlight:(A) occupation of the Midwest Region with the trans

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