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Inca art

The Inca art corresponds to that produced by the Inca civilization that inhabited part of the Andes, present-day Peru, between 3000 BC. and 1500 AD.

Inserted in the Inca spirituality, the art produced was sophisticated and with advanced techniques.

They produced several objects of handicraft, sculpture, architecture, musical instruments, among others.

Inca handicrafts

Fibers, vegetable dyes, wood, metal and ceramics were the main materials used by the Incas, who produced utilitarian and ornamental objects, from baskets, hammocks and jewelry, in addition to painting on fabrics.

Many objects were ritualistic, that is, they were used in ceremonies. Featherwork, clothing (using a loom) and tapestry full of colors were part of Inca craftsmanship.

Inca Architecture

Inca architecture reached a high degree of technique and beauty. The adobe and the stone were the most used material to erect the constructions from houses, temples, roads, palaces, tunnels, aqueducts, among others.

The best known architectural complex of this people is in Peru, in the city of Machu Picchu.

Inca Sculpture

Precious stones and especially gold were the materials most used in the production of sculptures, the most produced being figures of gods and everything related to nature:animals, vegetation, rivers, etc.

Inca Music

Bamboo was the main material used to create musical instruments, of which the Inca flute stands out. They played mainly to honor the gods and the elements of nature.

Inca cuisine

The Inca cuisine was very rich, which brought together vegetables, fruits, grains, cereals, breads and meats. For the Incas, quinoa was considered the sacred cereal, as it has many nutritional values.

Inca religion

Inca art was closely related to the religiosity of the people, where sculptures, crafts and architecture reflected their religiosity.

It is worth remembering that the Inca religion was polytheistic, that is, they believed in several gods, related to elements of nature:rain, thunder, sun, moon, wind, among others.

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