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aztec art

Aztec art was produced by one of the pre-Columbian peoples, the Aztecs, who lived in what is now Mexico.

It was the last pre-Columbian civilization that developed before the arrival of the Spaniards

Their culture was very rich, and brought together many elements of the Mesoamerican peoples of antiquity. The Aztecs were decimated by the Spaniards in the 15th century.

The Aztecs lived under a strong social organization, with the presence of enslaved people and masters.

Aztec Architecture

One of the greatest hallmarks of Aztec art was architecture. Monumental constructions marked this art, especially the palaces, temples and places where sacrifices to the gods were performed.

Aztec architecture was influenced by an earlier people, the Toltecs, considered great artisans.

One of the most important temples was the Templo Mayor in the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan, present-day Mexico City.

Aztec Sculpture

Stone and wood were the main materials used by the Aztecs in the art of sculpture. The main carved figures were animals, men, masks and gods.

Sculpture was often associated with architecture, functioning as an adornment, that is, ornaments for large buildings.

One of the most famous sculptures of the Aztec people is the so-called "Sun Stone" (1324-1521), a kind of calendar that was found in 1790.

It consists of a stone measuring 360 cm in diameter that was built over the ancient temple of the city of Tenochtitlán, a large urban center of that civilization.

Aztec Painting

Aztec painting was produced on fabrics, animal skins, papers made from plant bark (amate), on walls, on ceramics and stones.

They used many colors in strong tones and represented gods, everyday scenes and fights.

Aztec Music and Dance

In Aztec culture, songs and dances were essential elements of the celebrations. Of the instruments, drums were the most used.

Music, dance, poetry and acrobatics were performed at celebrations and festivals.

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