Millennium History

History of North America

  • A first lady little placed in history

    In April 1982, US Vice President George Bush and the future first lady, Barbara Bush They visited Japan. During the reception of Emperor Hirohito in the Imperial Palace, and according to Barbara Bush in her memoirs, there was an event of the earth swallow me … While the Bush couple awaited the ar

  • How was Turkey implicated in the Cuban missile crisis?

    The so-called Missile Crisis in Cuba was a conflict between the United States, the Soviet Union and Cuba in October 1962, generated as a result of the discovery by the United States of Soviet nuclear missile bases in Cuban territory. For 4 days, Kennedy secretly met with his advisers to make a decis

  • Did you know that cocaine and heroin are taxed in North Carolina?

    Since 2005, the state of North Carolina has applied a tax on the possession of illegal drugs (cocaine, heroin, illicit alcoholic beverages...). To comply with this tax regulation, stamps or policies for this type of substance must be acquired -although anonymously- although, on the other hand, its c

  • The gay bomb of the American Air Force

    The arms race to develop, or improve, ways of killing has been a constant throughout history and across cultures. At least, in this post, we are going to present a non-lethal one… the gay bomb. The Sunshine Project (an international non-governmental organization that investigates and denounces the

  • What if we have to reuse the wooden money?

    After the crack of 29 and the Great Depression of the 1930s the greatest economic crisis of the 20th century took place, due to its duration and its consequences at a global level.Speculation (I would call it human greed) made shares rise until the bubble burst on October 24, 1929 (Black Thursday ).

  • The American president who was mayor of Marbella.

    The municipality of Marbella (Málaga) has been in the limelight, in recent years, due to circumstances beyond its charm, but in 1959 it had an illustrious mayor... the American president Eisenhower . The post-war years are those of scarcity. The economic reconstruction of Spain is very difficult:

  • The day a US president was attacked by a killer rabbit

    James «Jimmy» Carter , American politician of the Democratic Party, was the thirty-ninth president of the United States (1977-1981). Although he had important successes in foreign policy, such as the Camp David Peace Accords (peace treaty between Egypt and Israel), the SALT II treaty with the USSR (

  • Why did US soldiers kill their own officers in Vietnam?

    During the Vietnam War , between 1964 and 1975, a curious and dangerous phenomenon occurred within the US Army... the so-called Fragging (act of attacking a superior in the chain of command with the intention of frightening or killing him, usually using fragmentation grenades; hence its name). The u

  • Why FD? Roosevelt was driving Al Capone's car when he declared war on Japan?

    On December 7, 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy launched a surprise attack on the United States Navys Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor. The attack destroyed 13 warships and 188 aircraft, and killed 2,403 US military personnel and 68 civilians. Fearing a possible attack against the American president, F

  • The night 7 million American children disappeared

    Im not talking about mass kidnappings, or a modern Pied Piper, or alien abductions... but administrative or economic disappearances. In the US, April 15 is the deadline to file the federal income tax return. In order to receive exemptions for children (for example, in 2008 this amount was $3,500) y

  • The 37 minutes that saved the world

    Count to 100 before you say or do something It is advice that we have all received at some point and, furthermore, it is very sensible. From the end result, it seems that the Russians are faithful followers of this reflection. The 37 minutes that saved the world are divided into two sequences : 2

  • The poems of freedom

    Between 1910 and 1940 it was in operation on Angel Island , in the San Francisco Bay (California), a control, administration and treatment center for the thousands of immigrants arriving on the American West Coast. Angel Island (also called the Guardian of the West Gate) was the last stop on the jou

  • The oldest European settlement in the US is Spanish.

    On July 4, 1776, the 13 British colonies signed the Declaration of Independence, the United States was founded . Logically, customs, culture and language are impregnated with what is English; although, currently, the Latino minority is becoming more numerous and is beginning to have a certain impor

  • The Spaniard who died in George Washington's house

    We moved to Havana in the 18th century, there we have an Alicante man, from Petrer, Juan de Miralles Trailhon . In 1740 he had arrived in Cuba with a small fortune that served him to court, and later be able to marry, Mª Josefa Eligio de la Puente , the most desired single woman on the entire island

  • Did you know that New York's cinematographic stairs are due to the problem with manure?

    Since ancient times, and until the arrival of the automobile at the end of the 19th century, the combination of the wheel and draft animals (horses, donkeys, donkeys...) were the main means of transporting people and goods. The very evolution of cities, the progressive increase in the urban populati

  • The role of being a scientific adviser to a President

    Normally, the Presidents of the Governments have the healthy habit (irony) of surrounding themselves with hundreds of advisors in different subjects (economy, science, culture...), although many times, due to the decisions of the different Governments, one doubts their effectiveness. Other times, mo

  • Radiography of Independence:The American Revolution, by Bernard Cottret

    The American Revolution , Bernard Cottret, 2003 A few days before the opening of the French States General of 1789, Rhode Island adopted the Constitution of the newly formed United States of America. It is the last of the thirteen original states to accept the constitutional text which still governs

  • Nixon, Liddy and Watergate, excerpt from Nixon, by Antoine Coppolani

    Tonight, a long excerpt from Antoine Coppolanis excellent biography, Richard Nixon , published by Éditions Fayard in October. I had already reviewed a good book on Nixon, by Romain Huret ( Coppolanis massive work (a biography that

  • In chiaroscuro:Richard Nixon, by Antoine Coppolani

    Richard Nixon , Antoine Coppolani, Fayard, 2012 Here you will find a telling, if anecdotal, excerpt from the book: -the-watergate-excerpt-from-nixon-dantoine-coppolani/ I had already written a set of remarks about Richard Nixon, after reading Ro

  • The Second City:History of Chicago, by Andrew Diamond and Pap Ndiaye

    History of Chicago , Andrew Diamond &Pap Ndiaye, Fayard, 2013 The somewhat misleading title of this book seems to offer a synthetic and mainstream city history, as Fayard has already published many times, whether from Rome, from Beirut or Vienna. However, this text, written with four hands by two Am

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