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History of North America

  • Human rights diplomacy! 39th President of the United States Jimmy Carter

    He has been the President of the United States from the Deep South since the Civil War and is also known as a practitioner of human rights diplomacy. Jimmy Carter before becoming president James Earl Carter Jr. was born in 1924 in Georgia, known as the Deep South. Jimmy, used nominally, is James

  • Twin deficits! Reaganomics! 40th President Ronald Reagan Aiming for a Strong America

    Ronald Reagan, the 40th generation, was the oldest president in history and the only divorced president. Ronald Reagan before becoming president Ronald Reagan was born in 1911 in Illinois. His father was an Irish Catholic and his mother was a Scottish Protestant, but Ronald became a Protestant

  • 41st President of the United States George Herbert Walker Bush

    In Americas long history, only John Adams, John Quincy Adams, and Bush have become presidents. I would like to take a look at George HW Bush, also known as Papa Bush in Japan. George HW Bush before becoming president George HW Bush was born in Massachusetts in 1924. Although his father was a

  • A promoter of the new economy! 42nd President of the United States Bill Clinton

    Personally, when I hear this name, I can only remember the word inappropriate relationship. Bill Clinton before becoming president Bill Clinton was born in Arkansas in 1946. Bill is his nickname, like William Jefferson Clinton, Jimmy Carters real name. He is actually the first president born

  • The worst American president ever, George Walker Bush, 43rd

    The United States begins a war when it comes to the Republican government. It is said that the United States is at war about every 12 years, and when that happens, new armaments will be needed. After World War II, the Republican government has repeatedly coalesced with the military-industrial comp

  • The first black president! 44th President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama

    The first black president in history. Since the founding of the United States, blacks have always been exposed to discrimination. He was used as a slave until the Civil War and continued to be persecuted after the Civil War. 300 years after the founding of the United States, the history of the U

  • A historical comedy and tragedy! 45th President of the United States Donald Trump

    Donald Trumps inauguration as President of the United States is the greatest tragedy and greatest comedy in American history. Donald Trump until becoming president Donald Trump was born in New York in 1946. His father was Fredrick Trumps son Fred Trump, who emigrated to the United States from

  • How many people do you know I tried to summarize the American presidents from lawyers-Why are there so many American presidents from lawyers?

    Suddenly, I have a question. How many of the 44 presidents of the United States have come from defense? It is often said that many American presidents are war heroes or lawyers, but I wondered what percentage of them would be, so I looked it up this time. In conclusion, 27 of the 44 presidents

  • Where are the top 5? I tried to summarize the birthplaces of successive American presidents

    Unlike Japan, the United States has a federal system, and each state is like a country, which is organized by the federal government and the president of the United States. The power of the President of the United States is enormous, and he has a veto to Congress, called Veto, and can even use nuc

  • About the great life of Rev. King (Martin Luther King, Jr.)-I have a dream-

    Who is the greatest person in world history? With that in mind, the name of Rev. King, Martin Luther King, Jr., cannot be missed. Named Martin Luther Rev. King was born in Georgia in 1929. Georgia, also known as the Deep South, was one of the most black-discriminatory regions in the United S

  • A commentary on the Rosa Parks case and the great courage and way of life of Rosa Parks, the "mother of the civil rights movement."

    It wasnt as widespread as the villain rankings at all, but Ive previously planned a Great Women Ranking on this blog. Rosa Parks is personally one of the top ten women in human history, and it is certain that her courage has become a movement that involves the United States. She is one of the

  • From 300 BC. AD to 750 AD. J.-C.:The Maya

    AROUND 300 B.C. AD The Mayans begin to build spectacular stone cities: The rainforest is humid in Central America . The cities built by the Maya are arranged around a complex of plazas, temples, palaces and ball courts (where people practice the sacred ball game). The buildings are covered with eng

  • From 1200 to 400 BC. AD:The Olmecs

    The Olmecs live in the marshy plain that borders the Gulf of Mexico . They do not practice animal husbandry and depend entirely on crops . Farmers mainly grow maize, but also beans, squash, peppers and avocados. AROUND 1200 BC. AD The Olmecs build San Lorenzo: They begin to erect temples dedicat

  • From 2000 BC. AD to 700 AD. AD:Ancient Peru

    Around 2000 BC Beginning of cultivation in Peru: Peru is found in northwestern South America. The peoples of ancient Peru were sedentary peasants who grow tomatoes, corn, peppers, peppers, squash and potatoes. They raise llamas for their flesh, milk and wool, and as pack animals. Around 1200 to 300

  • From 15,000 BC. AD 550 AD. AD:North America

    Around 15,000 BC Arrival of the first humans in North America: During this ice age , much of the earth is covered in ice and snow. Land and ice bridge connects America to Asia . The first American Indians cross Asia on foot or along the coast. They wander in pursuit of large animals:mammoths, horse

  • Aztec Society - History of the Aztec Society

    Society was quite flexible, with social mobility occurring within the Empire. Some members of the free lower strata could rise to the rank of dignitaries thanks to their bravery in combat, it was possible to climb military posts and become part of the military aristocracy. They could also dedicate

  • Aztec Religion - History of the Aztec Religion

    Since the indigenous people of Mexico, the Aztecs were the ones who most worshiped their Gods. At the time of the arrival of the Spanish, the Aztec religion was a synthesis of beliefs and cults. The agrarian gods of the agricultural peoples of central Mexico merged with the astral gods of the barbar

  • The Secret of the Aztecs

    The Aztecs fascinate archeology and raise assumptions around their disappearance. A community marked by work and religious beliefs, the Aztecs inhabited the region of Aztlán, northwest of Mexico. Direct successors of the Toltec lineage, the Aztecs initially formed a small tribe of hunters and gather

  • Map of the Aztec Empire - History of the Aztec Empire Map

    Map of the Aztec empire at its peak, when Hernán Cortes arrived in 1519. Aztec Civilization Take the opportunity to check out our video lesson related to the subject:

  • Aztec Government - History of the Aztec Government

    The governmental system of the Aztecs was monarchical, where the Emperors Council elected his successor, chosen among the members of the ruling lineage, and called the Royal House. The political and spiritual heart of the Aztecs was the city of Tenochtítlan on the island of Tlatelolco (Place of the

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