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  • WWII-586 Constitution:Soviet Amazons of the Ether, Glory &Intrigue

    The 586th Fighter Regiment was one of three Soviet aviation units that operated in World War II with female pilots. The regiments in question, among them the famous Night Witches regiment, were formed following a proposal by Marina Raskova (first Soviet navigator) to Stalin. The 586th Fighter Reg

  • Supermarine Spitfire:Legend turns 85… “a thoroughbred racehorse”

    Regarded as one of the most iconic aircraft of all time, it saw action on most fronts of WWII from western Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Soviet Union, to the Far East and the South Pacific, and his name became inextricably linked with the Allied victory against Nazism. It was the o

  • A famous WW2 in the Vosges in WW1...! Raid example of…

    At the beginning of October 1915 the young lieutenant Erwin Rommel was transferred to the newly formed Württemberg Mountain Hunter Battalion. The battalion of Mountain Hunters had a completely different composition compared to the battalions of the common infantry. It had six companies, instead of t

  • Boeing's flying "aircraft carrier"... A weapon of global scope!

    The US Air Force, in the 1970s, was looking for a flexible air system, with global reach and supersonic performance, which would be capable, within 24 hours, of striking targets around the globe. Based on these specifications, Boeing proposed the use of their huge passenger, the famous Boeing 747 Ju

  • Τα “σιδηρά” συντάγματα ΠΖ του Πρωσικού Στρατού… “Γερμανοί” επίλεκτοι

    Κατά τη διάρκεια του Επταετούς Πολέμου, ο Πρωσικός Στρατός παρέτασσε 49 συντάγματα πεζικού γραμμής κάθε τύπου (μουσκετοφόρων και φουζιλιέρων). Η αρίθμηση των συνταγμάτων είχε προκύψει από τη σειρά αρχαιότητας τους. Κάποια από αυτά είχαν συγκροτηθεί και ενταχθεί σε υπηρεσία σε άλλους στρατούς. Έτσι η

  • Η μάχη της Χουέ! Το Στάλινγκραντ του πολέμου του Βιετνάμ… Αγριότητα

    Το 1968, ο στρατηγός Γκιάπ, ο ένδοξος νικητής στη μάχη του Ντιέν Μπιέν Φου, κατά των Γάλλων, ήταν πλέον υπουργός Άμυνας στην κυβέρνηση του Ανόι. Όχι άδικα η γνώμη του είχε βαρύνουσα σημασία κατά τη λήξη αποφάσεων, σχετικών με τη εξέλιξη των πολεμικών επιχειρήσεων. Ο Γκιάπ  κατέστρωσε ένα άκρως φιλόδ

  • This was the first partisan of WWII... He was not Greek

    Captain Henryk Dobrzanski was born in 1897 in the Austrian-occupied part of Polish Poland. He came from a noble family and had a developed patriotic feeling. From the age of 15 he joined a patriotic Polish organization that sought the independence of their country which was then under the triple occ

  • The most embarrassing defeat of the USA in WWII, by Italians... (vid.)

    Operation Winter Storm, known as the Battle of Garfagnana to the Italians, was the Axis Christmas Offensive on the Italian Front of World War II, but at the same time it became the greatest humiliation suffered by the mighty American military of the few Italians still fighting for Mussolini. After h

  • The Swedish Armed Forces in WWII... (VIDEO)

    Sweden remained neutral in World War II. Its only involvement was in sending aircraft, pilots and volunteers to Finland when that country was attacked unprovoked by the Soviet Union and when it trained Norwegian and Danish volunteers against the Germans, but also allowed the passage through the terr

  • The soldier who killed almost 300 Turks, a forgotten hero

    William (Billy) Edward Singh was of Chinese descent. He was born in Australia in 1886 and early on he showed that he was an amazing shooter by overcoming the racist stereotypes of the time and achieving great victories in shooting competitions. On 24 October 1914 he was commissioned into the 5th Aus

  • Fighting in World War II with sword and longbow... Crazy Commando

    John Churchill, known as Mad Jack, was a distinctive figure of World War II who marched into battle with a bagpipe, a Scotch sword and a longbow, a characteristic weapon, the latter, of English archers in the Middle Ages. But was what was said about him true or a legend created by the British to rai

  • Οι πρώτες “Θερμοπύλες” του Β’ Παγκοσμίου Πολέμου… Αναλογία 55:1

    Καθώς τα γερμανικά στρατεύματα εισέβαλαν στην Πολωνία, τον Σεπτέμβριο του 1939, ένας Πολωνός λοχαγός, που βρισκόταν 60 χλμ. πίσω από τη γραμμή του μετώπου γνώριζε πως είχε έρθει η ώρα για τον υπέρ πάντων αγώνα. Ο λοχαγός Βλαντισλάβ Ραγκίνις διοικούσε μια δύναμη επιπέδου ενισχυμένου τάγματος στην περ

  • WWII:Breaking up the German 9th Army...stupidity hurts

    On June 22, 1944, the largest Soviet attack on the Eastern Front took place (Operation Bagration). The following day the 1st Belorussian Front (formation equivalent to Army Group in the Western armies), under Rokosovsky, began its attack against the German 9th Army, which covered the front of Army G

  • World War II:Rare VIDEO of the German invasion of Poland

    On September 1, 1939, the German Army breached the Polish border. World War II was already a fact. Against Poland and its western allies (Britain, France), the German Army had neither numerical nor qualitative superiority, despite the opinions to the contrary circulating. The Germans were superior o

  • Puckle gun... A 1718 machine gun with special bullets for Turks (vid.)

    The Puckle gun could be the first functional machine gun in history. It was designed in 1717 by the British inventor, jurist and author James Packle. Pakls machine gun, as it was officially called, was a weapon between a revolver and a light gun. It had a single barrel, but also a rotating breech wi

  • K-Wagen:The first German main battle tank! 120 tons, 27 men (vid.)

    The Großkampfwagen or K-Wagen was the first German super-heavy tank that, if it had entered service before, might have changed the course of World War I. In June 1917, before the first German battle tank, the A7V, was even completed, the German army requested the construction of an assault super-tan

  • Ki-43 Hayabusa, the Japanese falcon of WWII in action (VIDEO)

    Nakajimas Japanese ki-43 was a light fighter by Western standards. Equipped with just two 7.7mm machine guns. initially and of 12.7 mm. in its best version, with a maximum speed of 500-530 k.a.h. depending on the version, with no armor for the pilot or his fuel tanks, he seemed an easy opponent inde

  • SAAB J22, o πρωτοπόρος Σουηδός μαχητής του Β’ Παγκοσμίου (ΒΙΝΤΕΟ)

    Το FFVS J22 ήταν ένα από τα πρώτα σύγχρονα σουηδικά μαχητικά αεροσκάφη. Ήταν μια λύση ανάγκης που αναπτύχθηκε λόγω της έλλειψης σύγχρονών αεροσκαφών και της αδυναμίας αγοράς από το εξωτερικό λόγω του Β’ Παγκοσμίου πολέμου. Το J22 πρωτοπέταξε το 1942 και εντάχθηκε σε υπηρεσία σε χρόνο ρεκόρ, το 19

  • BAR, BREN, Type 11, MG42… Σύγκριση των “μαχητών” του Β’ ΠΠ (ΒΙΝΤΕΟ)

    BAR, BREN, Type 11, MG42, τέσσερα πασίγνωστα οπλοπολυβόλα και πολυβόλα του Β’ Παγκοσμίου Πολέμου που χρησιμοποιήθηκαν, αντίστοιχα, από τον αμερικανικό στρατό, τον βρετανικό και συμμαχικούς του στρατούς, τον ιαπωνικό και των γερμανικό και τους συμμαχικούς του στρατούς. Στο ενδιαφέρον βίντεο γίνετα

  • “Ρωμαιοκαθολικοί” φονιάδες, Ορθοδόξων &Εβραίων… (ΠΡΟΣΟΧΗ ΣΚΛΗΡΕΣ ΕΙΚΟΝΕΣ)

    Το διαβόητο, κατ’ ευφημισμό, «στρατόπεδο συγκέντρωσης» του Γιασένοβατς έχει αφήσει πίσω του ανεξίτηλες μνήμες και αποτελεί ως σήμερα μνημείο μίσους μεταξύ Σέρβων και Κροατών. Το στρατόπεδο δημιουργήθηκε τον Αύγουστο του 1941 κοντά στο ομώνυμο χωριό της Σλοβενίας που τότε ανήκε στο κροατικό κράτος.

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