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Ancient history

  • This is how you look after your combat sword

    A performance sword, regardless of classification, is a consumable item. It is used in combat, subjecting it to powerful forces. Therefore, it is only understandable that after some time of intensive training a sword does not look like new. A jagged blade, a loose handle – these are very typical sig

  • Firing mechanisms of historical rifle replicas

    At the beginning of the 15th century, warfare changed worldwide with the development of the first matchlock rifles. Like the true-to-original rifle replicas of the later flintlock and percussion lock rifles, this milestone in weapon technology is indispensable for re-enactors today when re-enacting

  • children in the Middle Ages

    The life of children in the Middle Ages cannot be described in general terms, as it was determined by many different factors. This includes origin, social position of the family, place of residence and gender. In general, the children of rich bourgeois families and aristocrats had a better life than

  • Inspiration for your clothing:10 different medieval outfits

    In our current episode of Hieb und stabfest! - our video series on Facebook - we present you various medieval outfits. You can find the entire video at the bottom (just click on the last point in the table of contents). So that you can take a closer look at what exactly we used for the clothing, we

  • Tips for the (first) medieval garb

    In our shop, we often have customers who want to dress for a medieval market, a medieval wedding, a LARP event or something similar for the first time. We then go on a sort of exploratory tour together:Does the person want to represent a certain epoch, what does they feel comfortable with, what do t

  • Samhain - The Celtic festival of the end and the new beginning

    The Celts heralded the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the dark time of winter with the ancestral festival of Samhain. According to their belief, the gateway to the Otherworld opens to Samhain. The border between the realm of the dead and the realm of the living is particularly thin o

  • This is how you arm yourself against the heat

    In our latitudes it is still limited, but it does exist:the really warm summer days with temperatures like in Muspelheim. Then the acrid smell and the sticky robes are the lesser of two evils, because the heat can quickly push us actors to their physical limits. Many a person has already collapsed w

  • A new face in our medieval shop

    Since our dear Bernd went into his well-deserved retirement, we have a new face in our medieval shop in Wacken:Christin. We are very pleased that she followed our call, because Christin herself is an actress in reenactment. She travels regularly with her husband to camp at markets. Her two dogs, wh

  • The Triskele - A symbol full of meaning

    There are many reasons to give someone a present:Birthday, Christmas, or just because giving gives pleasure. A beautiful gift idea for many occasions is the triskele, a symbol that comes in many different forms. The triskele is particularly popular as a Valentines Day gift. In this article we take a

  • Gift ideas for sword lovers

    There are different reasons why someone is interested in swords, because not all swords are the same. Some collect them out of historical interest, some engage in exhibition fighting themselves. Some simply find swords beautiful and use them to decorate their own four walls. If you know someone like

  • Tying a medieval long belt

    In the Middle Ages so-called long belts were worn, which were made by belters. Belt variants have changed over the centuries with fashion. For example, if you wanted to be en vogue in the 12th century, you wore your belt so long that it had to be looped twice around your body. Basically it was the c

  • Last minute gifts for Christmas

    Its hard to believe, but there are only a few days left until Christmas and time tends to run twice as fast in this last part of the year. There is also a lot to do for us at Battle-Merchant during this time. On the one hand, of course, we send packages up to the last moment so that the gift arrives

  • Headgear in the Middle Ages:the pennant

    Headgear was indispensable for both women and men in the Middle Ages. For example, they served to protect against dirt, lice and the weather. Women, especially the married ones, also wore them for moral purposes. One form of headgear was the so-called pennant. This is a cloth that the woman wraps ar

  • Headgear in the Middle Ages:How to tie a headscarf

    Protection from parasites, dirt and weather:In the Middle Ages it was customary to cover your head. In addition, it was considered improper for married women to show themselves topless - i.e. without a head covering - in public. No wonder that countless variations and trends have emerged over the ce

  • Viking ax:This is how you design an ax with simple means

    The ax is not only a practical tool for splitting wood or for other striking and cutting work - with a little help, it can also look really good and thus become your very own favorite tool, round off your medieval outfit or decorate your camp beautify. You need this 1x ax blade 1x shaft 1x ax wed

  • Halloween:What's this spooky custom all about?

    Characters disguised as witches or skeletons, cheeky grinning pumpkins and lots of ghosts:on October 31st there will be a haunting. But where does the festival of horror actually come from? And since when is it also popular in Germany? Here you can find out everything about Halloween and what makes

  • Nordic Helmets:The Spectacled Helmet and Its Historical Background

    Real Vikings wear helmets. But what do these look like? do they have horns All sorts of legends are entwined around the Viking helmets. Here we would like to go into more detail about the goggle helmet. It is also known as Vendelhelm or Nordic comb helmet. A total of around 30 of these helmets have

  • The tunic:thoughtful garment of the past

    It is one of the most well-known items of clothing since antiquity:the tunic. Thanks to its simple cut and versatility, it has been worn by men, women and children for many centuries. Even modern fashion designers use this traditional cut in their collections. A look at the long history of the tunic

  • Little journey through time:Historical clothing for men

    Tunics, trousers, doublets &Co. – over the course of the ages, clothing for men shows a fascinating ability to change. Adapted in a modern way, many of these fashionable refinements and inspirations now find their way onto international catwalks. Historical mens fashion - from antiquity to the Middl

  • Leather in the Middle Ages:tanning processes and leather articles

    Humans have used skins and skins to make clothing and other objects for thousands of years. Animal skins were probably used as a by-product of hunting as early as the Stone Age and were made more durable by smoking or fats. Leather was also of great importance to people in the Middle Ages. Leather a

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