Millennium History

Historical Figures

  • Carmine Nicola Caracciolo

    Carmine Nicola Caracciolo he was the VI prince of Santo Buono and XXVI Viceroy of Peru. He is distinguished among the list of colonial rulers of the country by the enlightened nobility of his lineage, since he was the head of an ancient Italian family. he was born in the castle of Bucchianico (Napl

  • Cápac Yupanqui

    Inca Cápac Yupanqui was the fifth monarch of Cuzco and the last of the Urin Cuzco dynasty. He is the son of Curu Yaya, sister of Mayta Capac, his immediate predecessor. He was, then, the nephew of this Inca and the cousin of Tarco Huamán , the natural heir to the throne, against whom he hatched a pl

  • Cesar Canevaro Valega

    Cesar Canevaro Valega he was a military man and politician. He was born in Lima on January 19, 1846 and he is one of the nine children of the marriage of José Canevaro and Francisco Toledo. Given the wealthy situation of his father, a wealthy merchant and owner of several ships, he was sent to study

  • Calcuchimac

    Calcuchimac He was a Cuzco military man, grandson of the Inca Wiracocha through his maternal line, he served under Huayna Capac during the conquest of Guayas. When Atahualpa started the war for power against his brother Huáscar, he had the support of this experienced general -together with Quizquiz

  • Andrés Avelino Cáceres

    Andrés Avelino Cáceres, Hero of the Breña campaign and President of the Republic between 1886-1890 and 1894-1895 . Son of Domingo Cáceres Oré and Justa Dorregaray Cueva. He was born in Ayacucho on November 10, 1833 and died in his retirement in Ancón on October 10, 1923. He joined the army, abandoni

  • Mercedes Carbonera Hair

    Mercedes Carbonera Hair She was a writer, she was born in Moquegua on February 7, 1845. There is no exact news about the first years of her life, although it is known that her fathers name was Gregorio Cabello, and that Mercedes, from a very young age, showed great skills for writing. literature, ha

  • Francisco de Borja y Aragón

    Francisco de Borja y Aragón, V Prince of Esquilache and XII Viceroy of Peru . He was born in Madrid in 1581. Son of donjuán de Borja y Castro and doña Francisca de Aragón y Barreto. He combined the exercise of his courtly responsibilities with a devotion to art and letters, both of which he had been

  • Francisco Bolognesi

    Francisco Bolognesi, maximum hero of Arica . Son of Andrés Bolognesi Camparello -natural Italian musician from Genoa- and Juana Cervantes Pacheco. He was born in Lima in a house on Afligidos Street, today Jirón Caylloma, on November 4, 1816 according to his baptismal certificate in the San Sebastián

  • Simón Bolívar

    Simón Bolívar Palacios, liberator of Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, and creator of the Federation of the Andes . Son of Juan Vicente Bolívar y Ponte and María de la Concepción Palacios y Sajo, Simón Bolívar was born on July 24, 1783 and died on December 17, 1830 . From a very wealth

  • William Billinghurst

    Guillermo Billinghurst Angulo , President of the Republic between 1912 and 1914. Son of Guillermo Eugenio Billinghurst and Belisaria Angulo Tudela, Guillermo Billinghurst was born on July 27, 1851 in Arica and died on June 28, 1915 . His first studies were carried out in his native land, later movin

  • Diego Benavides and de la Cueva

    Diego Benavides and de la Cueva , Count of Santisteban and XVIII Viceroy of Peru. He was born around 1605 and was the son of Don Francisco Benavides y de la Cueva, 7th Count of Santisteban, and Doña Brianda de Bazán. He inherited the captaincy general of the border of Jaén. At a very tender age (161

  • Oscar R. Benavides

    Oscar R. Benavides Larrea, was President of the Republic between 1914-1915 1933-1939 . Hijo de José Miguel Benavides y Gallegos y de Erfilia Larrea y Loredo, nació Óscar Raymundo Benavides Larrea el 15 de marzo de 1876, en el tradicional ambiente de los Barrios Altos, y murió el 2 de julio de 1945.

  • Micaela Bastidas

    Micaela Bastidas Puyucahua , heroine of the emancipation, born around the year 1742 . Her place of birth is the subject of many conjectures, so that some historians believe she was born in Pampamarca (current province of Canas in Cuzco), while others affirm that she was born in Tamburco, a district

  • Jorge Basadre

    Jorge Basadre Grohmann , was born in Tacna on February 12, 1903. Son of Carlos Basadre Forero and Olga Grohmann Butler. He began his training at the Santa Rosa high school, a Peruvian school that operated clandestinely in Tacna during the Chilean occupation; He moved with his family to Lima (1912),

  • Jose Baquijano y Carrillo

    Jose Baquijano y Carrillo He was born in Lima on February 13, 1751, the son of don Juan Bautista de Baquíjano y Urigüen -first count of Vista Florida- and doña María Ignacia Carrillo de Córdoba y Garcés de Marcilla. His parents had married in 1746. José Baquíjano y Carrillo was the third holder of t

  • Michel Azcueta

    Michel Azcueta Gorostiza , educator and politician, born in Madrid (Spain) on February 20, 1947, of a Basque family; Peruvian nationalized. At the age of 17 he entered as a seminarian in an institute for missionaries, where he remained only three years. He graduated as a professor at the Pontifical

  • Nicolás Ayllón

    Nicolás Ayllón (1632-1677), was born in the reduction of natives of Chiclayo in 1632 . His parents were Rodrigo Puyzón and Francisca Xailón, principal Indians. From a very young age he showed remarkable intelligence and extreme devotion, which led him to serve as an acolyte in the Franciscan church

  • Gabriel de Avilés y del Fierro

    Gabriel de Avilés y del Fierro was the third Marquis of Avilés and XXXVII Viceroy of Peru . He was born in Vich in 1735. Son of Brigadier José de Avilés Iturbide, Marquis of Avilés, and Doña Isabel del Fierro y González. Following the example of his father, who was mayor of Aragon and Valencia and a

  • Pedro Pablo Atusparia

    Pedro Pablo Atusparia , leader of an indigenous rebellion that broke out in Huaraz (Ancash department) during the civil war between the military leaders Andrés A. Cáceres and Miguel Iglesias. As mayor of the town of Marián, near Huaraz. Atusparia drafted a memorial against the excesses of the prefec

  • Atahualpa

    Atahualpa, son of the Inca Huayna Capac, was born in Cuzco although his lineage was from Quito. Es por ello que gozaba de la simpatía, afinidad e inclinación de las etnias cayambes, carangues, pastos y de los mitmas , incas residentes en Quito y Carangue. A la muerte de su padre no acompañó al corte

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