Millennium History

Historical Figures

  • Garcia Sarmiento de Sotomayor

    Garcia Sarmiento de Sotomayor , Count of Salvatierra and XVI viceroy of Peru. He was a native of the Valle de las Hachas, in Galicia. He was the son of Don Diego Sarmiento de Sotomayor, Count of Salvatierra, Marquis of Sabroso, and Doña Leonor Enríquez de Luna. Seeing his zeal in fulfilling various

  • Sinchi Roca

    Sinchi Roca , segundo rey del Cuzco, hijo de Manco Capac y Mama Ocllo. Vino al mundo en Tampuquiro mientras sus padres deambulaban de sur a norte en busca de un lugar donde establecerse en forma definitiva. Siendo adolescente se desposó con Mama Coca, hija del señor de Sano (hoy San Sebastián), cerc

  • José de la Serna

    José de La Serna and Martínez de Hinojosa , he was the fortieth and last viceroy of Peru. He was born in Jerez de la Frontera in 1770. Son of Álvaro de La Serna y Figueroa and Nicolasa Martínez de Hinojosa. He studied at the Royal College of Artillery in Segovia, from where he graduated in 1789 with

  • Manuel Ascencio Segura

    Manuel Ascencio Segura and Cordero , was born in Lima on June 23, 1805. His parents were the Huancavelican lieutenant Juan Segura and the Lima lady Manuela Cordero. He was assigned as administrator of the customs of Huacho. Manuel Ascensio received the rank of cadet at a very young age and fought i

  • Sayri Túpac

    Sayri Tupac was the second of the Incas of Vilcabamba. He was still a minor when Manco Inca, his father, was assassinated by the almagristas in 1545. Power was temporarily assumed by Atoq Supa, who was probably a relative of little Sayri Tupac, and he upheld the decision to continue fighting the Spa

  • Saravia Melchorite

    Melchorita or Melchora Saravia Tasayco, was born on January 6, 1897 in the town of San Pedro de Grocio Prado, belonging to the province of Chincha (Ica), within a humble family of artisan weavers. From a very young age she learned this trade and dedicated herself to making baskets, mats, bags and ma

  • Andres de Santa Cruz

    Andrés de Santa Cruz Calahumana , was born in La Paz on December 5, 1792. Son of Huamanguino José de Santa Cruz y Villavicencio -colonel of royal militias and governor of Mojos and Chiquitos- and Juana Basilia Calahumana y Salazar, cacica of Huarina. He studied at the San Francisco schools in his na

  • José Faustino Sánchez Carrión

    Jose Faustino Sánchez Carrion , ideologue of independence. Son of Agustín Sánchez Carrión and Teresa Rodríguez. He was born in Huamachuco, into a mining family, on February 19, 1787. He began his studies at the Trujillo seminary (1802) and then moved to Lima to continue them at the San Carlos Convic

  • José de San Martín

    Jose de San Martin Matorras , Liberator and Protector of Peru. He was born in Yapeyú (Argentina) on February 25, 1778. Son of Juan de San Martín and Gregoria Matorras. He learned his first letters at the school in his hometown, and later in Buenos Aires and Madrid, the city to which his family moved

  • Felipe Santiago Salaverry

    Felipe Santiago Salaverry del Solar (1806-1836), was born in Lima on May 3, 1806. Son of Felipe Santiago Salaverry y Ayerdi, accountant of tobacco revenues from Arequipa (1812-1813), and the lady from Lima, Micaela del Solar and Duke of Estrada. , Lima. He studied Latin grammar at the University of

  • Rumiñahui

    Rumiñahui, Cuzco military chief , according to Guamán Poma of plebeian origin, although exalted by his exploits to the warrior aristocracy. He served alongside Huayna Cápac in his campaigns on the northern coast and fought the Cañari at the Battle of Yaguarcocha. At the death of Huayna Capac he was

  • Saint Rose of Lima

    Isabel Flores de Oliva or also known as Santa Rosa de Lima was born in Lima on April 30, 1586 . Her parents were the arquebusier Gaspar Flores and María de Oliva. Baptized as Elizabeth , her mother began to call her Rosa since one day, when approaching her crib, she saw her face lit up like a rose

  • José Mariano de la Riva Agüero

    José Mariano de la Riva Agüero and Sánchez-Boquete He was President of the Republic. He was born in Lima on May 3, 1783. Son of José de la Riva-Agüero y Basso della Rovere, superintendent of the Royal Mint of Lima, and María Josefa Sánchez-Boquete y Román de Aulestia, Lima. He traveled to Spain to c

  • Julio Ramón Ribeyro

    Julio Ramón Ribeyro , was born on August 31, 1929, in Lima. He is the son of Julio Ramón Ribeyro and Mercedes Zúñiga. His primary studies were attended at the Champagnat school. In 1946 he entered the Catholic University, enrolling in the faculties of Letters and Law . In 1952 he traveled to Spain

  • Maria Reiche

    Maria Reiche-Grosse Neumann or Maria Reiche She was born in Dresden (a German city that was also the birthplace of Max Uhle) on May 15, 1903. She studied at the Polytechnic School in her hometown and at the University of Hamburg, graduating in Mathematics. She arrived in Peru in 1932 as a governess

  • Antonio Raimondi

    Antonio Raimondi DellAcqua he was a naturist. He was born in Milan on September 19, 182 4. Son of Enrique Raimondi and Rebeca DellAc-qua. Since he was a child he felt a great inclination for the study of natural sciences and showed a fondness for reading travel books, becoming interested in Peru and

  • Quizquiz

    Quizquiz, soldier of the Inca empire born in Cuzco . He served under Huayna Cápac and, after his death, he supported Atahualpa and led his armies in the southern campaign, leading them to victory and occupying the imperial capital. There he unleashed a cruel repression against the cream of the nobil

  • José Abelardo Quiñones

    Jose Abelardo Quiñones Gonzales aviator hero. He was born in the Chiclayo port of Pimentel, on April 22, 1914. Son of José María Quiñones Arizola and María Juana Rosa Gonzales Orrego. He began his studies at the San José de Chiclayo national school, and continued at the Sagrados Corazones Recoleta a

  • Mateo Pumacahua

    Mateo Garcia Pumacahua Chihuantito , military and revolutionary. He was born in 1748 in the town of Chincheros, district of Calca (Cuzco). His parents were don Francisco Pumacahua Inca, governor of Chincheros, and doña Agustina Chihuantito; both were natives of the same town and belonged to the ayll

  • Manuel Prado and Ugarteche

    Manuel Prado y Ugarteche (1889 – 1967), was President of the Republic of Peru between 1939-1945 and 1956-1962 . He is the son of former president Mariano Ignacio Prado and Magdalena Ugarteche. He was born in Lima on April 21, 1889 and died in Paris on August 14, 1967. He completed his school studies

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