Millennium History

Historical Figures

  • José Antonio de Mendoza Caamaño

    José Antonio de Mendoza Caamaño, third Marquis of Villagarcía and XXIX Viceroy of Peru . First-born son of Don Antonio Domingo de Mendoza Caamaño, Marquis of Villagarcía, lord of the house of Rubianes, and Doña Juana Ibáñez de Ribera, lady of the town of Vegas. He was born in Villagarcía de Arosa (P

  • Mariano Melgar Valdivieso

    Mariano Melgar Valdivieso was born on August 12, 1790 , in the cathedral of Arequipa, the lawyer Matías Banda baptizes Mariano Lorenzo Melgar, legitimate son of Juan de Dios Melgar and Andrea Valdivieso. The birth could have occurred on the 8th (San Marianos day) or the 10th (San Lorenzos day); if

  • Clorinda Matto de Turner

    Clorinda Matto de Turner was born on November 11, 1854 she, in the farm Paullu in the province of Calca (Cuzco), being baptized as Grimanesa Martina. She was the daughter of Ramón Torres Matos and Grimanesa Concepción Usandivaras. She carries out her school studies at the Colegio de Educandas del Cu

  • Manco Inca

    Inca Manco , son of Huayna Cápac, survived the fierce repression of Atahualpas generals against the Cuzco nobility and was hidden in the jungles of Vilcabamba. With Huáscar and Atahualpa dead, he appeared at the Spanish camp in Jaquijahuana with a group of noblemen from Cuzco, being received with gr

  • Diego López de Zúñiga y Velasco

    Diego López de Zúñiga y Velasco (1500 – 1564) was the IV Count of Nieva and IV Viceroy of Peru . He was born in Burgos around 1500. Son of Don Antonio de Velasco y Enríquez de Lacarra and Doña Francisca López de Zúñiga, Countess of Nieva. He married in 1522 with Doña María Enríquez de Almansa, from

  • Eduardo López de Romaña

    Eduardo López de Romaña y Alvizuri (1847-1912) was President of the Republic , engineer by profession. He was born in Arequipa on March 19, 1847, into an old and prominent family. His parents were Juan Manuel López de Romaña and Josefina Alvizuri Bustamante. He first studied at St. Jeromes Seminary

  • Enrique López Albújar

    Enrique López Albujar He was a writer, he was born in Chiclayo on November 23, 1872 and died in Lima in 1966. Son of Manuel López Vilela and Manuela Albújar Bravo, both of Piuran descent. He spent his childhood in Piura and Morropón. He studied primary school in Piura and secondary school in Lima, f

  • Lloque Yupanqui

    Lloque Yupanqui , third Inca. Born in Inticancha, he was the second son of Sinchi Roca and Mama Huaco. According to Alberto Tauro del Pino he was preferred among the numerous descendants of his father, in view of his outstanding physical qualities and his skill in combat. His reign was a permanent s

  • Melchor de Liñán y Cisneros

    Melchor de Liñán y Cisneros, ecclesiastical dignitary, temporarily ran the command as XXI Viceroy of Peru . Son of don Francisco Liñán de Cisneros and doña Isabel González, he was related by his paternal lineage to the great cardinal of the Catholic kings, Jiménez de Cisneros. He was born in Tordela

  • Augusto Leguía

    Augusto Bernardino, Leguía y Salcedo, President of the Republic between 1908-1912 and 1919-1930 . The son of Nicanor Leguía y Haro and Carmen Salcedo Taforó, he was born in a mansion at 431 Atahualpa Street in the Plaza de Armas of Lambayeque on February 19, 1863, and died on February 6, 1932. His f

  • José de La Mar

    José Domingo de La Mar y Cortázar , soldier and statesman. Son of Marcos de La Mar and Josefa Cortázar. He was born in 1778 in the city of Cuenca (in present-day Ecuador), where his father was administrator of the royal boxes. At an early age he traveled to Spain in the company of his uncle, Francis

  • Diego Ladrón de Guevara

    Diego Ladrón de Guevara was a cleric, XXV Viceroy of Peru . He was born in Cifuentes (Guadalajara) in 1641 into an illustrious family, related to the Counts of Oñate and the Dukes of the Infantado. Possessor of estates in the towns of Hita and Cifuentes, he was the son of don Rodrigo de Guevara and

  • Agustin de Jáuregui and Aldecoa

    Agustín de Jáuregui y Aldecoa was the XXXIII Viceroy of Peru . Son of Matías de Jáuregui y Apesteguía and Juana de Aldecoa y Borda, he was born in Navarra in 1711. Dedicated to a career in arms, he began as a cavalryman for King Felipe V and, with the rank of captain, led the regiment of dragoons fr

  • Inca Rock

    Inca Rock , sixth monarch of Cuzco and the first of the Hanan Cuzco dynasty , he came to power conspiring against Capac Yupanqui, whom he killed by making him drink a potion. The first measure he adopted was to marry Cusí Chimbo, widow of the late Capac Yupanqui, a fact that demonstrates the complic

  • Juan Manuel de Mendoza y Luna

    Juan Manuel de Mendoza y Luna, third Marquis of Montesclaros and XI Viceroy of Peru . He was born in Guadalajara (Castilla) in 1571 and died in Madrid on October 9, 1628. Son of don Juán Hurtado de Mendoza and doña Isabel Manrique de Padilla. As befitted him because of his status as a scion of an il

  • Huiracocha or Wiracocha

    Huiracocha According to the official history of Tahuantinsuyo, he was the eighth Inca sovereign. Nephew of Yahuar Huaca, he belonged to the Hanan sector. His original name was Hatun Tupac and he was very young when the kingdom of Cuzco was invaded by the Cuntis and his uncle was assassinated. After

  • Huayna Capac

    Huayna Capac , originally called Titu Cusí Huallpa, when he acceded to the Inca throne he took the name of Huayna Capac. Despite having adopted his uncle the auqui Topa Inca as his advisor, his rise to power was difficult, even having to live for a time in hiding to escape the intrigues of the greed

  • Huascar

    Huascar Inca emperor. Son of Huayna Capac and Rahuac Ocllo , was born in the town of Huascarquiguar or Huascarpata. According to the version of some chroniclers, to celebrate his birth, his father had a gold chain made so large that two hundred people were needed to carry it and throw it into a lake

  • Cayetano Heredia

    Cayetano Heredia was born in Catacaos (Piura) on August 5, 1797 . He is the natural son of Manuela Heredia and “of an unknown father”, as he points out in his will, in which he states that he was born in the city of Trujillo. Carlos Enrique Paz Soldán registers him as the legitimate son of Don Pablo

  • Sérvulo Gutiérrez

    Servulo Gutierrez Alarcon , was born in Ica in 1914 and died in Lima on June 21, 1961. Son of Daniel Gutiérrez Fernández and Lucila Alarcón Valverde. The peculiar landscapes of his native land, a mixture of desert and oasis, were his first source of inspiration, as were the images of the processions

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