Millennium History

Historical Figures

  • Mariano Ignacio Prado

    Mariano Ignacio Prado Ochoa , President of the Republic between 1865-1868 and 1876-1879. Son of Ignacio Prado and Francisca Ochoa Tafur. He was born on December 18, 1826 and died on May 5, 1901 . Orphaned from a very young age, however, he was able to attend schools in his town (1837-1845) and begi

  • Leoncio Prado

    Leoncio Prado Gutiérrez, was a Peruvian soldier, was born in Huánuco on August 26, 1853 and died in Huamachuco on July 15, 1883 . He was the son of General Mariano Ignacio Prado y Ochoa and María Avelina Gutiérrez. From a very young age he showed signs of great character and a strong and enterprisin

  • Saint Martin de Porres

    San Martin de Porres Velasquez , was born in the neighborhood of San Sebastián, in Lima, on November 11, 1579. At that time Francisco de Toledo ruled Peru, Felipe II being king of Spain and having Pope Gregory XIII as head of the Church. He was the son of Juan de Porres, an impoverished hidalgo, and

  • Felipe Guamán Poma de Ayala

    Felipe Guamán Poma de Ayala , was born around 1535 in the town of San Cristóbal de Sondondo, belonging to the Ayacucho province of Lucanas. His parents were Martín Guamán Mallqui and Curi Ocllo, the youngest daughter of Tupac Yupanqui. He had a mestizo brother, on his mothers side, named Martín de A

  • Nicolás de Piérola

    Nicolás de Piérola Villena (1839 – 1913), was President of the Republic between 1879-1881 and 1895-1899 . The son of Nicolás Fernández de Piérola and Teresa Villena y Pérez, José Nicolás Baltasar de Piérola Villena was born on January 5, 1839. He studied at the conciliar seminary of Santo Toribio de

  • Joaquin de la Pezuela and Sanchez

    Joaquin de la Pezuela y Sanchez , penultimate viceroy of Peru. He was born in Naval (Huesca) on May 22, 1761. He was a descendant of illustrious families from the Cantabrian region. He was the son of Lieutenant Juan Manuel de la Pezuela and Muñoz de Velasco and Mariana Sánchez de Aragón. In his yout

  • Juan Antonio Pezet

    Juan Antonio Pezet Rodríguez was president of the Republic between 1863 and 1865 . He was the son of the patriotic doctor José Pezet y Monel and María del Rosario Rodríguez Piedra. He was born on July 13, 1809, being baptized in the parish of Santa Ana (1810). From a very young age he embraced the p

  • Petit Thouars

    Abel Bergasse du Petit Thouars , was born in Bordeaux in 1832 and, at the age of fifteen, entered the French naval school (1847). He participated in the Crimean War in 1855, forming part of the officers of the Montebello (1855), but when he was wounded he had to be immediately evacuated. After servi

  • Manuel Pardo and Lavalle

    Manuel Justo Pardo y Lavalle (1834 – 1878), President of the Republic between 1872 and 1876 . Son of the writer Felipe Pardo y Aliaga and Petrolina de Lavalle y Cabero, he was born in the house located on the corner of San José and Santa Apolonia streets on August 9, 1834, and tragically died on Nov

  • Felipe Pardo and Aliaga

    Felipe Pardo and Aliaga (1806 – 1868), was a poet and politician. He was the son of Manuel Pardo Ribadeneira, hearer of the audiences of Lima and Cuzco, and of Mariana de Aliaga y Borda. He was born on June 11, 1806 and by family ties belonged to the highest colonial aristocracy. He spent his childh

  • Maria Parado de Bellido

    To Maria Andrea Parado de Bellido , almost all historians consider her born in Huamanga (Ayacucho), the priest Carlos Cárdenas claims to have discovered her baptism certificate in the parish of Cangallo, where she would have been born in 1761. Her husband, Mariano Parado de Bellido, and one of his s

  • Ricardo Palma

    Manuel Ricardo Palma Soriano , creator of the “tradition” genre, was born in Lima on February 7, 1833 . His parents were Pedro Palma and Dominga Soriano, middle-class merchants. He continued his primary studies at the Antonio Orengo school and at the Clemente Noel school. In August 1848, El Comercio

  • Cusi Yupanqui:Pachacutec

    Pachacutec was the ninth Inca , although with justice we could say that he was the first emperor of the Incas, because until before him there were only gentlemen with relative power. His parents were the Inca Huiracocha and Mama Runto, daughter of the Lord of Anta . From an early age he showed signs

  • Francisco de Orellana

    Francisco de Orellana He was born in Trujillo de Extremadura in 1511. His parents were Isabel Chávez and Diego García de Orellana. When he died in 1526, the young Francisco sat down as a soldier and went to the Indies, participating in the conquest of Nicaragua and Castilla de Oro . he arrived in P

  • José Olaya

    Jose Silverio Olaya Balandra patriotic martyr He was born in 1782 in the town of San Pedro de Chorrillos, a fishermens ranchería and, simultaneously, one of the most famous spas of the time. He is the son of José Apolinario Olaya and Melchora Balandra. He apparently served the liberating cause fro

  • Manuel A. Odría

    Manuel A. Odría Amoretti (1897 – 1974) was President of the Republic between 1948 and 1956 . Son of Arturo Odría Álvarez and Zoila Amoretti, he was born in Tarma (Junín) on November 26, 1897. His school studies were carried out at the San Ramón national school in his native land and, after moving to

  • Blasco Núñez Vela

    Blasco Núñez Vela was the first viceroy of Peru. He was born in Ávila around 1495 . He was the son of Luis Núñez Vela, lord of the estate of Tabladillo, and Doña Isabel de Villalva. When he was appointed to the viceregal government of Lima, in April 1543, he was an elderly man. From an ancient and

  • Remigio Morales Bermúdez

    Remigio Morales Bermudez He was President of the Republic. He was born in Pica (Taparacá) on October 1, 1836. He was the son of Manuel Morales y Vera and Catalina Bermúdez y Soto-Alciato. He did his school studies in Tarapacá and seemed destined to help his father in the attention of his saltpeter b

  • Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo

    Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo , was born on November 16, 1538 in Mayorga, a town in the kingdom of León, although his family had a manor house in a village called Mogrovejo (Asturias). His full name was Toribio Alfonso de Mogrovejo y Robledo. His father was called Luis Mogrovejo and belonged to the Ast

  • Antonio de Mendoza and Pacheco

    Antonio de Mendoza y Pacheco he was the second viceroy of Peru. He was born in Granada around 1493. The second son of Don Iñigo López de Mendoza -second Count of Tendida and Captain General of Andalusia- and Doña Francisca Pacheco Portocarrero, from the lineage of the Marquises of Villena. He receiv

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